Saturday, December 25, 2010


Erin sent the family these AMAZING Brasil soccer jerseys....they are rad. The kids especially were excited to get a gift from Aunt Rinny!!!

From Erin......

I hope that they fit was hard trying to decide the sizes for
the kids but it looks like they fit pretty well. I loved the little
Brazil jersey for Cam doesn't match the rest but I think its
worth it!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Update THIS week......

Hey Family!!

This week was crazy and amazing! A LOT of work but that's exactly what we are here to do! We have goals in our mission and in our stake here of how many baptisms we wanted this year. We have been praying a lot for direction from the Lord in where to go to find the people that are ready now to enter the Lord´s church and make this important covenant with Him. The Lord has truly blessed us this week with an answer to our prayers.

Two boys, Wenzell and Wesley were both baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday. It was very special!!

We had been teaching Wenzell a couple months back because his mom really wanted him to be baptized, but he was unsure about it and said he didn't want to be baptized. We were not about to baptize someone who didn't want to be baptized so we stopped teaching him. Last week as we tried to decide which people we could focus on to help with the goals we felt strongly to teach him again. We went there on Wednesday and had a great lesson with him. We were able to help him understand the importance of baptism and he agreed to be baptized!! So we started planning for Saturday.

We were also trying hard to get Wesley´s dad to let him be baptized but its hard to find him at home. His mom had gone to church with him on Sunday and wanted him to be baptized, but needed permission from her husband. All week we tried to talk to him but it didn't work out. When Saturday arrived we had a meeting with the bishopric and our ward mission leader to plan how we could help his dad accept. We planned to invite them to Wenzell´s baptism and have everyone talk to the dad about all the great programs the church offers, get his permission there, and then interview Wesley to be baptized on Sunday. When we arrived at their house on Saturday afternoon, the dad came to the door and told us he had just gotten home from work and wanted to rest and that they couldn´t let us in right then. We told him we just wanted to talk to him quickly. He came to the gate and we told him that Wenzell would be baptized that night. We were just going to invite him to go, but he thought we were asking him if Wesley could be baptized too. He started saying that Wesley wasn't ready, that he wouldn´t stay strong, that he didnt want him to be forced to do anything. We explained that we weren´t forcing anything and that it was Wesley himself and also his wife that wanted the gospel and wanted to be baptized and that he too would be forcing them to not follow Christ if he forbade the baptism. (We were praying the whole time for inspiration in what to say and the Spirit delivered) His dad looked at us and then called Wesley to come there. Wesley came and his Dad started asking him..."Is this what you want? Do you want to be baptized? etc" Wesley looked his dad straight in the eyes and said "Quero.....Eu Quero!" (I want to...I want to!) His dad looked back at him and started to bawl....He told his son that he could be baptized and that he needed to follow strong. That he needed to follow what his dad says and not what he does (He, the dad, has a lot of problems with alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc) It was a very emotional and spiritual moment. They embraced and we all stayed there crying for a moment. He went back in the house and we continued crying and praying, thanking God for the miracle he had just done for us. We then finished teaching Wesley the lessons he was missing, called President to get his permission to baptize a minor, and called the zone leaders and arranged for them to interview him that night before the baptism. Everything went very well. His mom went too and had a very good experience there. She has a baptismal date for the 8 of January if not sooner. It was truly a miracle how it all happened. I am so grateful to be a member of the True Church of Jesus Christ and to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Its been a very special and emotional/spiritual journey!

I am VERY excited to talk to you all this weekend....AHHHH!! I am worried about how my English will be...its in a very poor state!! But we will just have to rely on the gift of tongues! haha! I will be calling on Friday for 5 minutes to give you the telephone number and hour to call, but let me know right now what time you think is best! Lets try the conference call because our call should be 30-40 minutes according to the mission rules and I think it will be hard to such short time!


Sister Erin Knudsen

Update from last week.......

My week was good! Karina and Altair were married and she was baptized and everything was very awesome!!

I Was NOT transferred...yay!! I was able to see everything happen

Its so crazy to me that Christmas is so close! Its a whole different world on the mission.

Random: Is Tom Cruise in Top Gun? My comp and I are debating this topic...

Love you all! Hope your Christmas preparations are all going well and that you are happy and remembering how blessed we are to have a Savior...the Son of God. He is everything we need to be and we have his perfect example to follow!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Feliz day......

I am already missing the sweets from Christmas but I will just have to wait until next year! I will be strong...hahaha! Or maybe we can celebrate Christmas in July after I get home?!

Quick update because time is up:

Wagner was baptized this weekend! YAY! It was a battle but he finally made! Please pray for him to be strong and keep enduring to the end! He will do great things in the church if he can overcome the temptations that easily bind him.

Karina and Altair will be married on Friday and she will get baptized that night. It will be super special and I hope I can be here for it!

We have transfers on Wednesday and we will find out about who is moving around tonight...anxiety!! I think I will be transferred. I want to stay here because I really love this area but I know that if I am transferred it is for the best...More to learn in every moment!!

4 sisters are going home and a bunch of Elders and only 2 Elders are arriving. One of them is suppose to be going to Chile but is waiting for his visa so he´s going to be here only temporarily. The situation with missionaries here is very sad! With all the visa issues Brazil is very low in numbers of missionaries. Our mission will have to close a lot of areas I think. We will probably be moving around a lot.

I ask for your prayers that more young men and woman decide to serve missions. Missionaries are needed in great numbers here in Brazil and I´m sure in all areas of the world right now. We need to fulfill the sign of the second coming that the gospel be preached to all the world in greater and greater numbers.

Love you!!

Sister Knudsen


Some more pictures to brighten your days....

Relief Society Christmas party/lunch on Saturday the 4th. This is the beautiful and delicious cake we had for dessert and to celebrate the birthdays in Nov and Dec!

Wagner´s baptism!! (12/04/2010)

Irmão (Brother) Cassio (in Brazil you call everyone by their first name even with Bro/Sis) He was a ward mission leader until he was recently called to be the 1st counselor in the bishopric....he is amazing! Super spiritual and hilarious and all. He has really helped us out a lot and is an example to me!

Wagner and Adriana!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey Fam!

So I made a connection with an Elder in the MTC that I always forgot to tell/ask you guys about. I saw him at the Temple when we went last week and we remembered together that we need to find out how we are related! His name is Elder Roundy, but his grandparents are Richard Knudsen and Nancy Jack (Rick and Nancy...ironic right?!) and his parents are Leesa Knudsen and Ralph Roundy. Do you know if and how we might be related to them?

Yesterday was Sister Felipe´s Birthday! We had a little party/Family home evening with some members, The Moura Family, and Danilo, Benedita´s son and Francine´s boyfriend. It was fun!

So I had a really cool experience this week. Remember those two girls from the family that went to church last week? Well...the situation got short they pretty much just wanted material help and after they got it the mom went a bit crazy and is avoiding us at every cost and got super upset at the fact that we invited her daughters to be baptized. Yeah...thats not the cool part, dont worry! So we both got very frustrated and upset at the situation when we went there on Wednesday night. It was a very bad night for us. Very very bad....BUT that night I really needed to feel better, so I opened up my Book of Mormon where I am reading and sat on my bed to read. I started in Alma 24 and it was good and all, but when I arrived in Alma 26 I knew that I was suppose to be reading in that chapter without a doubt. Specifically verses 22 and 27. Read them and you will see how they were perfect for me that night. I started to cry as I read those verses....knowing that even though those words were written by men 90 years before Christ was born, they were written with the purpose of helping me that night. Yes, they had many purposes, but one of those was to help me. I know that God exists. That he knows us and has blessed us with much more than we even realize. I know we are His children. I know that there is no limit to his love, mercy, and grace. I know that He send His Son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins because he loves us. I know that the plan of God is PERFECT. I know that we must live our lives aware of his love and influence and do all we can to receive the blessings of heaven that are waiting for us. We must be worthy. We must be alert. We must actively choose to follow him and not fall into the temptations of the devil...

Thanks for all your support love and prayers! I love you soooo much!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!

Hey Fam!
Happy Turkey day to you!!
The Temple today was amazing! Its the best place on Earth! I received a lot of direction and peace there today!
We are seeing lots of little miracles in our area this week! Karina, who needs to marry before she can be baptized was able to mark her wedding on Monday. Our leaders had found the right person to talk to in the Cartório, Keiko. We went with Karina and Altair to the office, and even though Altair has a problem with his RG (its a legal document here) and it won´t be resolved for more than 15 days, Keiko let them mark the wedding for the 10th of December. She told them that as soon as the new RG gets to them they have to bring it in or else she will annol the wedding! But she let them...MIRACLE! So Karina will be baptized that night!
Yesterday we were able to sit down and talk to two girls from a family who went to church with us on Sunday. The parents weren't home, but we taught the daughters in the street. They both want to be baptized and we marked with them for this Sunday after church! Now we just have to follow up with the fact that they aren't drinking coffee anymore and make sure the parents will let them be baptized! But I think they will allow without problem! They are really cute little girls and super smart. The gospel will really bless their lives! I will talk to you guys more about their family on Monday.
Love you all tons!
Sister Knudsen

Thanks for the email! Erik is a crack up! Love that boy! PHEW!

Enjoy all that amazing thanksgiving food for me! They dont celebrate it here, no. It will just be a normal day for me! haha! Next year...I will eat all that pie by myself! ;)

Thanks for sending me package! I am excited already!

FYI....Sister Winters goes home on the 8th of December and there is a package being sent to you guys from me with her...I´m not sure if her cousins (the Winters from AZ) will be going to her farewell talk or for Christmas but I just wanted to let you know beforehand to not give another surprise for Ashley if someone strange comes to the door! haha! ENJOY!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EARLY!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello family!

I got the package this week! It was SO wonderful!! Thank you SO SO SO much!!! (See attached photos! haha!!) **the photos aren't downloading for some reason, I'll try again later** Those pretzel M&Ms are delicious! Very good idea! haha!! Thank you for the music book and the CD (love it!). LOVE the hand soap and bracelet and shirt! Everything was awesome! We ate pancakes from the mix today with maple and then for lunch made tacos and guacamole...its was a WONDERFUL day!!!

I´m not sure about the phone call thing...I think I can arrange with you both, but I will ask.

Aww...loved the story about Hailey thinking about me sleeping in her bed with her. How SWEEEEET! I love that girl! I want to see a photo of this Hermione Granger Turkey! haha! Ashley is a great sister!

The photos/file you attached isn´t opening for me. I don't think the computer has the program needed to open them. :(

Ohhh a Christmas Tree?!?!! How exciting!! You guys are so cute! love it!!

Other stuff for the package....
Did I ask for more chapstick yet? I am on my last one. That blue Chapstick brand kind. Moisturizer with SPF 15. More taco delicious!! haha! A recipe for re-fried beans.....(it seems like I only think about food....yikes!)

Brazil has time changes too. Its September they change to summer time and lose an hour (it was a terrible night because we lost an hour of sleep! haha!) But then in February they change back and we gain an hour--meaning one more hour to sleep...WOOOO! Other than that, they don't change. I think we are only 3 hours different right now then...not sure. Its almost 4pm right now here.

Thanks for the notes from the conference. Sounds like it was really good!

A few stories:

A new Bishop was finally called in our ward here in Nova Granada. Its been about 5 weeks since our Bishop was released and we were left without! The bittersweet part is that our Ward Mission Leader, Cassio, whom we love very dearly and was helping a lot, was called to be a counselor in the Bishopric and the other counselor who was called is a young man, returned missionary, who just moved to our ward. Him and his wife are RMs and always help us too. So if we were to lose Cassio, I would have wanted him as our Mission Leader but now he´s in the Bishopric too! haha! But I know the Lord knows what He is doing and that its even better with them in the Bishopric because they know how important missionary work is!

We are teaching an awesome girl, Karina and her boyfriend, Altair. He is a member whose been inactive for a while and Karina is a sister of a member in our ward. She always participated in young womans and everything as a girl but her dad authorize for her to be baptized. Then she fell away for awhile, met Altair, and they decided recently that they want to return and follow the Savior again. I´m attaching a photo of us with them in their cute little one room house! Next week we will mark her wedding. I think I already mentioned them before but we had to work out a few financials and now its all going well for them to mark the wedding and everything. They will most likely get married and in turn she will be baptized on the 11th of December!

Other important thing: Next week we are going to the Temple so our P-day will be Wednesday, not Monday. So dont get upset when I dont email on Monday....wait for Wednesday! haha!

Love you all very much!!

Sister Knudsen

PS: Photos: #1000594 is a Jaca Plant...that weird thing is a fruit called Jaca. Yeah...its funny! #1000590 is the wonderful shake and french toast and gift that Sister Felipe made for/gave to me for my 1 year on the mission mark! It was on the 11th...YIKES...can you believe a year has already passed?!?!?!?! I received the package the next day so its was great timing!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Its crazy how long things can take to get here! Sometimes its faster though, so I am not sure when the christmas package should be sent. I´d say to give it a good 6 the sooner the better...hahaha! We have transfers on the 8th of December, and then after that I dont know when anyone will be going to the office. But I can go on a P-day if necessary to pick it up. Plus I think we will all do some sort of ativity in the area of the office for Christmas...I dont know. So I could get it there too. Not sure!
I got a package from the primary there in your ward today! It made me smile! Its a bunch of fancy artwork from the kids! hahaha! Love it! I still havent looked at all of them but its very cute!
Fun news: I got a letter from Steffen FINALLY! He is going to BYU-Idaho studying music, and is engaged to a cute girl named Emily, who is also a music major. They are getting married the morning of new years if I remember correctly. Sounds like she is super perfect for him! I´m glad he is doing well. The mission was very good for him.
So the sad news is that our mission was having some problems with new investigators. So our President reinforced the fact that we need to be talking with people everyday. We are doing at least 10 contacts per day now and actually doing and not just saying we should do it like sometimes happens. It is going VERY well! I am sad that I got in the habit of not doing many contacts because now we are finding a lot of people who are interested. The Lord is waiting to help us find his elect but we have to open our mouths to find them! I am learning so much on the mission....that I need to trust so much in him! He is in control and he is yeah...of course he knows what do it and I have no idea so I need HIM!
This week we had another amazing present. We randomly passed in the house of a member and while we were there, her sister in law was passing through the house and told this member to send us to her house. So we went there and found out that she is living with a less active member and already know everything about the church and wants to be baptized. We invited them to get married and he proposed to her in that moment and it was SUPER sweet and amazing! The next day we went to the office in the center of the city to mark the wedding, but they had to do a few things first so they should have gonet his morning to mark for good. I hope it went well. Her name is Karina and his name is Altair (al-tie-ir). They are awesome, but she needs lots of prayers because she feels like every time she starts to try and do what is right, that she feels a depression and urge to cry and give up. The devil works so hard to stop people from doing what is right....ugh! So your prayers in her behalf would be very appreciated. She is really an incredible person! I love her so much after less than one week!!
Alright. Times up, but I love you guys like crazy! Até mais!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Isn't she a beauty!? a tank is a machine that swirls water with much force. You put in the clothes and the soap and fill the tank with water. Then you turn it on and its swirls and swirls for about 15 minutes. Then you let the water drain out and you rinse the clothes and wring they as best as you can so that they can dry faster! Its very common here. Only those who are a little weller off have washing machines. Makes you grateful, right? I feel very blessed for all we have in our house there in AZ! I´m sorry if I ever complained that we were poor and didnt have anything. We have what we need and much more!
Elder Bednar was amazing. He presented his "talk" (it was more of a discussion) in the same manner that we must teach. He had asked for us to read 2 talks of his. Then in his talk he asked us what we had learned. With every question he asked, "may I ask you a question?" He emphasized the importance of us giving agency to our investigatores. They need to have their own learning experiences to gain their own testimonies of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the gospel. It was very eye-opening.
Pictures from Conference:
Sister Santos and I
3 Generations
The elders from the MTC!
Times up!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Last week when I emailed I was emailing from a LAN house in the center of Osasco close to the Stake Center where we had our activity with some other missionaries in our Zone.
Afterwards, we crossed the street to catch a bus back to our house. There is a bus stop on the street of our house in our neighborhood, Yolanda. That very morning as we left we saw the bus with #2 pass by us on the street, so we took note that it was a bus we could catch to return. So what do we do when we see the bus with #2? We get on the bus and start driving! Another indicator that I saw to ensure we were catching the right bus was the sign on the front that said the bus passed the library by our house.
I wanted to write a letter so I took advantage of the bus time and wrote away quickly and messily (is that a word? looks weird...but then again I don´t know much about my own language anymore!) After a little while, Sister Felipe got my attention and asked me if it seemed like the bus was going in the right direction. I looked around and saw that we were crossing a bridge that I had never seen before in my life. I had never taken that bus before so I told her I didn't know and that we should see if he turned around at the part of the freeway that had a return that was coming up. Well he turned on it but then continued in a different direction. Our suspicions that we were indeed on the wrong bus started to be confirmed so Sister Felipe went up to the front to ask the worker that takes your money as you enter where we were and where we were going!! Well it just happens that that SAME bus has two routes and you have to look on the side of the number to see if its going to Yolanda or Helena Maria! We, of course, were heading towards Helena Mara! Its still in Osasco atleast, not crazy long from our house, but not very close either. The worker told us that we could wait until the end of the route, and then go back with them, because they change back to the Yolanda route after the HM route. AY AY AY!!
We didn't have the slightest clue which bus to catch if we descended earlier, so we stayed until the end of the route as he said to do. On the way back to Yolanda, we got stuck in major traffic and were completely stopped at one point for about 15 minutes. We then passed by in the Center on the same street that we had first gotten the bus...seriously...and continued on until we finally made it home! What time was it when we reached out gate? Just about 8PM! We were on that stupid bus for well over 2 hours!!!!
But no...the story doesn't end there! We went to open the gate to our house and the lock wouldn´t open! We were locked out of our house! NOOOO!
A little background: Elder Dawson, the senior couple Elder that is in charge of helping with the houses had come by to take our Tank since we got a washing machine (and oh am I so grateful for this machine!!). Our lock has already had many problems and we have to do a special system to get the gate to lock. We had been meaning to change it for some time now but hadn´t. When Elder Dawson left, he too had problems in getting the gate to lock. He finally succeeded but it appears the lock had had enough and decided that it would never open again!!!
We tried for a while and then went to an appointment we had. After wards the investigator came with us to the gate and tried to open it too. No luck. During this process we had talked to a Sister in the ward that lives close by because we were going to return something to her, but without being able to get it out of our house we had to way to return it. She told us that we could stay in her house if all else failed.
All else for the first time on the mission, we had a SLEEPOVER in the house of a member!! It was very strange....very very strange! But she was super sweet to us and reheated their dinner for us to eat some and made us a milkshake and breakfast the next morning too. Very sweet!
Luckily the next morning a Key maker (what are they called in English?!) met us at out house at 7:30 and was able to open the gate and install a new lock.
We are now happily in our house again! And more grateful for having a house than ever before!
So that was our adventure this week!
In other news...
This same member that let us stay in her house is pretty much amazing and loves to help with the work! She gave us a referral last week of a woman named Nalva. We went there and she is a woman who is completely in need of the gospel. She was so open and sincere about what she is going through and we were able to testify and really feel the spirit in her house! Her and her 2 daughters went to church yesterday and really liked it. She was emotional throughout many parts and I know she is starting to realize that in follow Jesus Christ she can feel peace in her life again and have direction. I am very very blessed to be able to help her in coming to know more about the sacred plan on our Heavenly Father.
The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the kingdom of God on earth. I have no doubts of that. I love the gospel. I love my Savior and am so humbled by all he has done for me.
I invite all of you to get to know the Savior, Jesus Christ better by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon, and the Bible. Apply the principles the scriptures teach in your lives and you will find peace and true joy.
Love you all!
Sister Knudsen

Monday, October 18, 2010

A letter to mom-

I´m glad the time with Andy was so good! I loved the part about Erik. He never learns; hahahaha! He wasnt doing this boom box thing before but it was a good idea!! Im sure he loves it! I can just imagine him changing the song every 5 seconds and saying "I hate this song!" hahahaha. Oh how I miss him!
I definitely felt the vibes and love from you all on my birthday! It went very well!! My companion planned a surprise party for me with Benedita, José, Maria, and the crew there in their house. It was very fun!! And one of our ward missionaries, Carol, bought us a pizza that night to celebrate! Oh and an Elder in our district made me a bunch of brownies that he is becoming famous for. YUM! It was a great birthday!
The package hasn´t come yet, at least into my hands, because we don't have as many opportunities to get our letters and packages from the office these days. I will most likely get it on the 28th when our whole mission is going into the office to hear Elder Bednar speak. I am super excited!! That week will be transfers too, but I am pretty sure I will be staying here with Sister Felipe for at least one more transfer. I am really excited because I will be able to take a 3 generations photo with her and Sister Winters! Its pretty rare to take a "mission" 3 -generations photo, but I will take one as daughter and as mother! Its fun! I took one with Sister Winters and her trainer, Sister Correia in my first zone conference, and now a couple months before Sister Winters goes home (December 8) we will get to take another one with Sister Felipe!
But I am looking forward to my package when I can get it! You guys are the best! I love you tons!!
*We have met some really cool people this week and I am excited to keep working with them!
*The bishopric in the ward here was released Sunday...they were having some we are told "Its a stake matter" That's all I know. But I love our Bishop and the counselors and everyone was very sad to see them released. For now a counselor in the stake presidency who is from our ward is acting as Bishop. Its kind of strange...Ive never seen this happen before, but I am sure it will all work out.
*Today we were going to hike Jaraguá Peak but it rained all day so instead we did an activity in the stake center with some other Elders. Played Risk and Ligretto! YES! One of the Elders here, Elder Anderson loves games as much as I do and both his parents served missions in Germany so he has all the good games! When he told me he had Ligretto I freaked out a bit!! Good times! Tell Amanda I thought of her!! It was a very fun day!
I love you!!
Sister Knudsen
PS: Tell Krista thanks so much for the card and email and that there is a card I will be sending this week for her!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Erin!!!!!

It's Erin's Birthday today! We all miss her so much & love her adorable personality. We are grateful for her willingness to serve & for the great experience she is having in Brazil. We appreciate all of her friends & family that have been so generous to her with letters, packages, tapes!!! She really does have quite the fan club. April is coming up soon & we can hardly wait to see her!!!! Keep her in your prayers and don't forget to keep the letters coming! She loves them.


Erin & her nephew Andin last April.....

Aunt Rinny

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello my beautifuls!!

Hello my lovely family!!!

Sounds like you are all having a blast together! That picture of the beach made my mouth water...but I think I can wait a little bit longer! I´ll try at least!! My companion took a look too and has a burning desire to go there too!
Love love LOVE that picture of Cam, Andin, and Ollie, where Cam has a face full of crumbs. hahahahaha. Awesome.
I hope the field trip goes well. Sounds like a really cool place!
Send my love to Suzie and Brian and wish my twin, Aunt Nancy, a happy birthday for me!!!!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It will be a normal day for me here, but I will make sure to celebrate a little with Sister Felipe! She likes to make cake and I love to eat cake, so it will go well!!
I´m glad you liked the sweets and other things from here! The things you really loved I will try to send more of so let me know what things were your favorites. Oh and Andy, the round chocolate ball things with the wafer are call BomBons here like our peanut butter bonbons that mom makes. BomBons are the rage here. They have all kinds of types. Yum Yum!
I don't remember which fruit juice was in the white package...was it cajú? Some of them I haven't tried yet, but let me know which it was and if its really good I will have to try it! haha!

Hailey! 8 teeth already?! Crazy! The tooth fairy seems to have gotten richer...maybe she sold all that land with the orange trees?!!
Andrea, do you know the Roché family in your new ward yet? Laurie and Pat? Their son, Ryan, just left to serve a mission in Argentina. He is best friends with Elder Andraszczyk who is my zone leader here. He wanted me to ask. :) (Andrea's edit: how crazy that this missionary's mom she's telling me about is my daughter Cambria's preschool teacher!!! Small small world.)
Question: What is the recipe for the marinade for fajitas?
So...remember when you asked if I needed things and I couldn't think of anything....well for the future...(Christmas?) I remembered that I could use 2 new white undershirts from downeast or shade. My other ones are getting old.
Church yesterday was SO wonderful. We had a fast and testimony meeting full of the Spirit. I had wet eyes during practically the whole hour! It was very focused on missions. They were talking a lot about the fact that the age changed to 18 years old for Elders, and how we are needing a lot of missionaries right now to further the work. Then a bunch of the youth bore there testimonies about how they want to serve missions. It was very special. Even better was that we had a surprise visitor, Vagner. He is the boyfriend of Adriana (sister of Henrique) who we were teaching when we were preparing Wellington to be baptized too. He always said he would go to church but then something always got in the way. It was a serious war against Satan. They ended up breaking up and he didn't want to learn more...but then they got back together recently and he finally came. I was so shocked and happy when I saw him walk in the door. He really liked church and said he´ll come back next week. We are going there this week to watch the file "Together Forever" with him and Adriana. I am excited!

They are having a revote for president, so there is still a little bit of advertising going on, but for the most part the local music and other annoyances have ended. THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all! I hope you have a safe drive home, family, and that all is well with you!
Ashley: Hope all is well at home and at school with you!!


Cake that Sister Felipe made with passionfruit juice! Yum!

FUNNY STORY...So I received this card in the mail awhile ago but forgot to tell you guys. Either a funny joke or a serious one...don´t know! But I figured whoever did it deserves a shout out on the blog. hahahahahahahahaha.

Raspberry jam cookies that I used strawberry jam since its a lot cheaper here! My zone LOVES them. Thanks Kvavles!!

The mess that elections make here! In the distance you can see the school bus vans they use here. To the right is a pay phone.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I loved President Monson´s talk as well! I have no doubt that He is a prophet of God, and THE Prophet of God on the face of the earth in this moment. I also loved the talks by Pres. Eyring, Pres. Uchtdorf, and of course Elder Holland. I also ADORED the talk about the Personal Line and Priesthood Line of Revelation. That principle is SO important for people to understand in order to understand that this is the ONLY true and complete church in the world. I am really excited for the ensign now so that I can study that talk more and use it when we teach.

So they aired the RS broadcast between sessions yesterday so I had almost 6 hours straight of conference! Good times! I did a split with a sister in the ward who served a mission in washington DC and watched most of conference in English with her. I only watched RS and the last session in portuguese. We are spoiled that we get to hear these great men and woman with their own voices, etc. Its just not the same with a voice over. It was cool though because Sister Beck and a few other Elders who know Portuguese or are from brazil did their own voice overs in the language.


So...the other day Sister Felipe made beans for us to eat. There was just a little bit left so we left it to cool so that we could put it in the fridge. Well...we forgot about it and a few days later (yeah...) Sister Felipe looked and it was growing a little life there inside. So she had the idea to put it over the burner with water and soap to kill all those little germs! Well...I assumed that she had a grand plan behind her actions, so I didnt think much more about it and took a shower and got ready for bed, thinking that I should probably check to make sure she remembered to take it off the fire before sleeping. But then I forgot all about it and went to sleep!

Then...5 AM hits. You know how sometimes you wake up all the sudden and have no idea why? That's what happened with me and I was overwhelmed with the smell of BURNT....VERY VERY BURNT....

I jumped out of my bed (literally...I sleep on the top bunk!) and ran into the kitchen thinking Could it be?!) When I entered the kitchen I saw the small blue glow of the burner still cooking away...

And the pan inside was BLACK BLACK BLACK...(see photo for proof!)

First off, I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL to my Heavenly Father for blessing us and keeping us save when our house could have taken fire. I was in a continuous prayer of gratitude that night and the next day and still am SO very thankful that we are alive and our kitchen is intact.

Secondly, once the initial "we could have died!! or burnt down our house" thrill wore off, Sister Felipe and I have fully taken advantage of how hilarious this was. Just look at that took a good 3 days of scubbing to bring the pan back to useful life.

Moral of the story: Don´t turn off the light in the kitchen, because then Sister Felipe will forget about her crazy ideas! haha! And dont let your food grown life!!

Good times. :)

Other than that, a few updates about the week:
*We had Zone Conference this week so I got to see Sister Santos and some other sisters. Elder Teichert who was in my MTC district is in my zone for zone conference now too so I got to catch up with him.
*I am excited for my package from you are the best!!
*Thatiane still needs lots of prayers and just to clarify you say her name (Tah-Chi-Ah-Nee) :)

*A beautiful purple tree and me
*The pan


Sister Knudsen

Monday, September 27, 2010

muito obrigada!!

Hello family!

Hahahahaha! I was debating on whether or not to warn you guys that someone would bring a package from me but then I ended up forgetting anyways so it was kept a secret! It was Elder Gratil who brought it. He was my first zone leader -- the one that lives close to us and went to Gilbert High, etc. He ended his mission 2 weeks ago so I sent it with him. He was kind enough to bring it to you guys...well I kind of forced him, but yeah...I am very grateful!!!

So we were able to go and talk to Thatiane and clear up her doubts. The stuff she read on the internet made her believe that we think God is a man who walks the streets with us or something...I dont know. Ridiculous! We helped her to realize that she already has a testimony that these things are true. Now she will be praying a lot to help her mom let her go to church again. For now she doesnt want to strain their relationship so she isnt going. Keep praying that her mom will soften her heart and have a desire to learn about the gospel too...and from the source this time, not the internet!

I am feeling a lot better than I was last week. I know that Sister Felipe will teach me a lot since she is a recent convert of 2 years and worked a lot with the Elders in her area too before the mission. She has a special insight into the work. We are learning and teaching one another!

Miracles this week:

First off, the Spirit really worked on Thatiane and helped her remember how she always feels so good reading the Book of Mormon and going to church.

Secondly, we found an awesome family yesterday. Just listen to this all happened because of the Lord, for sure! We received last week a referral from the internet for a Paulo on the Road Maria Quiteria de Jesus Medeiros, number 121. Its very close to the boundary of our area and a place that I´d never gone before. He asked for representatives of the church. We went there yesterday and tried to find the house. Note about Brazil: The house numbers are crazy and never have much of an order. Sometimes there is a light order...but in the midst of 100, 105, 120, 137, there will be a random 21, or 6903....yeah. You cant really trust the numbers here! Anyway, after a long haul....we found the number 121. The problem being that there wasnt a Paulo that lived there. We talked to everyone who was there in the front, and no one knew a Paulo. Great...all the way on the edge of our area for nothing, right?! Well we decided to pray for direction. When we ended our prayer we stood there for a few minutes thinking. I felt like we should walk back on the road and knock a few doors to ask if anyone knew a Paulo and Sister Felipe agreed, so we went back and hit a few doors a little farther down the road. No one knew a Paulo or invited us in when we invited them to hear our message. We kept going and decided to ask two girls that were selling hamburgers at a little stand if they knew a Paulo. One of them said there was a man named Paulo that lived in 118 down in the bottom (there was a little entrance with about 5 houses that all were #118...its hard to explain...its just how Sao Paulo is!). She said she didnt think it would be him, but we could try. Anyway, we went down there just to check and the daughter of Paulo answered the door. It wasn´t him who called but when we told them a little about our message they invited us in. We taught an awesome first lesson to Paulo, his wife, and their daughter. There were a few other kids there too but they came in and out. But this family appears to be sooo elect! Paulo goes to an evangelical church but he doesnt really like how they always yell, etc. His wife thinks the yelling is completely ridiculous and loved how we pray. They were really was an awesome experience. I know the Lord put us there to find them. Who knows who put the referral for this other Paulo on the internet...but I have no doubt that the purpose was to find this family. I know the Lord answers our prayers when we ask for his help and act with our faith. When we do our part, He will ALWAYS do His.

I love the mission...its an opportunity to become who God wants you to become. For him to teach you that you have so much to learn but that you can learn it. That you can use your faith in him to work miracles. I am deeply grateful to be here serving Him.


Me and my daughter! (Sister Felipe!)

The pancake bear that I made for Sister Santos on her birthday. hahaha...

Our calender of baptisms from the last 2 transfers.

My desk!

Us with Thatiane (I look super horrible, but oh well!)

A pasta and vegetable creation that was very very good!

Our Zone before the last transfers.

So I think I have gained about 8 lbs on the mission...I hope its not so. Dont worry to much...I will start eating less and lose the rest when I get back! Yikes!

Love you guys like crazy!

Sister Knudsen

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy little bee......

Sorry no time to answer the questions this week but a quick update:

I am going slightly crazy!

I turned senior and trainer on Wednesday. AHHHH! Sister Santos was transferred and I received my "daughter" as the new sister you train is called. Her name is Sister Felipe and she is from Manaus. She is very sweet and I like her lots, but I am struggling a bit. I would appreciate your prayers for a few reasons...

1. I miss Sister Santos a lot...

2. Thatiane, the 15 year old girl in the photo and her mom read a few things on the internet about how we believe that God is a person just like us since he has a body, etc....stuff that people write that is semi-true but not explained properly, and now she as doubts and doesnt know if she wants to continue on. Her mom wont let her go to church any more either...since she sees that she is doubting a little bit. She is a girl sooo elect...and I am really really really broken inside. She just called me right now before I started writing this email and told me that she and her mom decided they need to find a religion together and one that they agree with, etc. It broke my heart. Sister Santos would know exactly what to say, but I dont know. I know I need to rely on the Spirit and it will all work out, but I am worried that I wont know what to say to her to help.

I am just a little stressed turning trainer...its a big responsibility and we all know I hate being in charge of things...Why am I a stresser?! ugh!!

But anyway, I AM happy and I am trusting in the Lord. :) It will all work out!

Love you all so much!

Sister Knudsen

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey Beautiful Mama!
For real, everyone always comments on how you are so young and beautiful when I show them my family pictures!
Sounds like you had a great dinner with Grandma, Steve and Cheryl, and Stacy and Jered! I´m glad they are doing good! Jake and Maren are so old now! And Im sure as cute as ever!
One more amazing production from Rob Gardner! Awesome! Of course Lisa and Rustin were in it!! Here in the house I´m in I have a cd player so at least while I am here I can listen to CDs! And there a is a member here that can put cds on my ipod for me if I need her to, so send it away! yay! Thanks!!

Answers of the week:
Favorite Moment this week: We received a few referrals from the internet and one of them was a woman named Leila. We contacted her this week and shared with her the message of the Restoration. I felt the Spirit guiding our words a lot with what we said to her and I have a lot of hope that when we return next Saturday (she works all day during the week so we couldnt mark for before saturday) she will have received a response about the Book of Mormon and our message. Its was a very good lesson/moment!
Also, last night we were teaching Eduardo in his house and his mom was there. She is a very old woman (in her 80s) and loves to talk. [A little background info: There is an Elder here names Elder Anderson. He is from Pennsylvania and is very tall, with very red hair, and very blue eyes. He came with our District Leader on splits when Eduardo was interviewed to be baptized.] So we are there talking to Eduardo´s mom and she asks me again if I am from the United States. Then she says to this effect, "That other boy that came is from there too right? He is very hot, dont you think? Very handsome!" Sister Santos and I had a very good laugh about that. Good thing this woman was laughing too or it would have been awkward. We laughed A LOT! Good times!
Hardest Moment: The baptism of Eduado. Sister Santos and I hardly ever get mad at each other but once in while we have little fights about things very very the point that we laugh a lot after wards about how stupid our fights are. Well the night of the baptism, we had a bit of a disagreement that left Sister Santos very upset and not talking to me. It was the longest, less spiritual baptism I have experienced thus far on the mission...but luckily I don't think anyone else knew and so I hope it was a spiritual experience for them, and most importantly, Eduardo. Anyway, as we walked home from the stake center we made amends and all was well as we returned home and celebrated the baptism with left over cake from Sister Santos birthday on Wednesday (Which reminds me of another favorite moment: I planned a little surprise party for her in the house of José and Maria on Wednesday night and it went very well! She had no idea....muwhahahaha!) and hot dogs. I had a couple days of actually wanting a hot dog...crazy I know. So I ate a few, but it has passed and I am good to go not eating hot dogs for another couple of years!
Favorite food: One of the woman in the ward that always cooks sooo well made a Stroganoff (different than what you are thinking) that was very delicious. Its a sauce with beef or chicken that is made from whipping creme...not very healthy but very amazing!
Least Favorite food...hmm...I made up a recipe one day that we had money for lunch that was really quite delicious, but the second day that I went to eat it the chicken had that left over taste that is nasty so it wasn't the same anymore. I always forget that chicken is terrible when reheated! Other than that, nothing...the majority of food here is sooo good! idea! haha!
I like this question and answer helps me remember things from the week and have ideas of what to write about! Usually I sit down to write and none of the funny or interesting events of the week come to me! Keep them coming! haha!
Love you and everyone tons as always! miss you like crazy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Language barriers...

Funny story...
A few weeks ago we were at Thatiane´s house teaching her and she gave us a few chocolate candies at the beginning of the lesson. I are one and put the other in my bag for later. We then watched Together Forever (an adorably amazing video we use a lot here about how families can be together forever). After wards she asked us if we wanted some chocolate cake. The word for candy is "bala" and the word for cake is "bolo" They are similar...more or less. I wasn't really listening I guess because I thought she asked us if we wanted chocolate candy (thinking she was asking if we wanted more of what she had already given us) so I told her "no, I already put one in my bag" She looked at me very confusedly and my companion starting laughing. I stopped and rewound what she had said and then started laughing too as I asked, "you said chocolate cake?" She answered in the affirmative and we all laughed a lot at the thought of me sneaking into her cake and putting a piece in my bag when I didn't even know she had it. My companion stole my planner and wrote in big letters: Não Futarás!! (Thou Shalt Not Steal!) Gotta love language barriers!
One more...
The other day my companion was really sad about something that happened back home so I was telling her that sometimes we just need to cry. I told her about an experience I had when I cried a lot in the car driving to a friends house. I told her that I arrived there with my eyes full of tears...but I used the wrong word. Correct: Eu cheguei lá com meus olhos cheio de lagrimas! But I said: Eu cheguei lá com meus olhos cheio de legumes! Lagrimas: tears, Legumes: vegetables... That gave her a good laugh and she felt better after wards. We have lots of material to laugh about from the many things I accidentally say wrong!
Anyway, the work is going very well! We received a reference a couple weeks ago from a friend of a less active member. Her brother in law was suffering from a bit of depression and we went there and started teaching him. He will be baptized this Friday. :) His name is Eduardo and he is a really nice guy. He is 39 but looks like he is 25/30ish. He was working at a shopping center here in Osasco about 10 years ago when it blew up. He wasn't there that day, by some luck, but it left him very shaken. He is really liking the church and is feeling a lot better. :)
I know this church is true and that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses lives like nothing else.
I love you all!
Sister Knudsen

Monday, August 23, 2010

Recent photos from Erin!

Relatives in some funny way to José and Maria that are preparing for baptisms too. They need to be married first. When we invited them to be married, Nice turned to Devá and said, "Do you want to get married?" He said, "I want to!" It was precious! So we took a picture that we developed and then gave to them!

9 months celebration!!! With Brazilian pizza!! YUMMY!

Another cheap place...all that ice cream for just R$1. This is our third back up plan when all our appointments fall...

José and Maria!!!

Broccoli and Chicken! Thanks for the recipes!!!!! Sis Santos loved it!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Family...

I love you guys so much and have been thinking about you lots today.

José and Maria are still doing awesome and are overcoming their habits to drink coffee and smoke. They are very special people! They prove to me everyday how much the gospel blesses families and changes lives. Maybe I said that already about them because its so present in teaching them. Their lives and attitudes and everything has 100% improved in the past month that we have been teaching them!

In the last email I think I talked about how we would have 2 more youth baptisms. One of them was Rafael, but his grandma won´t give permission for him to be baptized even after everything we tried, so if you can keep him in your prayers, asking that she and his father as well will understand and let him be baptized. They think he should have to wait until he is 18 to know for sure if this is what he wants. I can see their side, but he wants to be baptized really badly and knowing what I know about the blessings of baptism and the truthfulness of this gospel...they need to let him! Satan works in so many ways to stop the work of the can be SO frustrating!!

Thatiane is the other youth. She is 15 as well and amazing. She is about as elect as they get and I am so blessed to know her! I think she´ll end up a general president of one of the auxillaries. She is awesome!

Carla (the singer) could use your prayers too. She is one of the sweetest people I know, and she really needs to start feeling the direction of the Lord more in her life. She is still having a hard time believing in the day to day application of the gospel. She is struggling a lot financially and with her dreams of making it big with singing. She wants to be able to provide for her son and family and help others and she usually has the weight of the problems of every one she knows on her shoulders. She is the type of person that just wants to help everyone. Example: This week she trapped a rat in her house but afterwards felt so bad for him that she started feeding him macaroni. She let him free outside her house after a couple of days of worrying about him! She is almost crazy in how much she cares for people (and animals apparently!!). Now she just needs to realize that God loves and cares for her just as much as she cares for others. That is where she lacks...her faith that any one, especially He, is aware of her. :(

Funny/crazy story: A few years ago a couple of missionaries found a young man and taught him about the Restoration. They left a Book of Mormon with him and invited him to read and pray. He read and prayed and received a confirmation that the Book is true. The missionaries asked him what that signified to him and he told them that it meant he needed to open a church about the Book of Mormon. No, I´m not actually exists! Its on the border of our area and another one. I´ve never seen it but Sis Santos said its there and that he somehow got the Book of Mormon to publish because he publishes and distributes them! Pretty sure that would be called apostasy! Crazy!

I am learning lots and growing and trying to be better everyday! I am very grateful to be here experiencing the work of the Lord and the blessings of the gospel in such a hands-on way. Missions aren´t for us, the missionaries, but we truly receive amazing blessings as a side effect of helping others experience the amazing love of God. How grateful I am to be a member of the restored church of Jesus Christ...its the most important thing I can be.

I love you!

Sister Knudsen

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visit to the temple....

I finally did a session here in Brazil today in the São Paulo Temple! It was amazing! I have no doubts that the Temple is the house of the Lord. It is the most sacred place on Earth. I love being inside. :) Even if everything was in Portuguese. Haha!

We have two baptisms this week! That little boy I talked about and Vitória. She was suppose to be baptized last weekend but her Dad was in the hospital (he is in and out because he has cancer :( ) and he really wants to be there to watch her baptism, so we remarked for this weekend so that he can come. He is doing a little better right now, but I dont think he has much time. I hope he takes this opportunity to follow the example of his daughter and be baptized so that they can have an eternal family.

We marked a baptismal date with José and Maria! Now we need to take them to the center to help them get legally wed! They are an awesome couple. So sincere and very fun too! I really love them!! The people really do make the mission...its so awesome to get to meet so many incredible people!!

We received a reference this week from a sweet teenager, Jéssica, in our ward. She was baptised in a different area when she was spending time with her dad. She is the only member in her home here in Osasco and she goes to church every week by herself. She´s been talking to her cousin, Thatiane, about the church and we went there this week and taught her the first lesson. She accepted a baptismal date too. She is so sweet and ready too. The Lord really prepares people. He is behind this work 100%!

Love you all so much!!

Sister Knudsen

Monday, July 26, 2010

Craziness and blessings for all!!

We were eating lunch on Monday at a Sister´s home and her [great] nephew was there who is almost 11 years old. His name is Arthur. Sister Santos asked her if he is a member and the Sister told us that he is a member who just hasnt been baptized yet! So we asked which ward he is in and she told us he goes to our ward! He lives with his grandma (the sister of the woman who we were talking to) and he goes to church with her every sunday and has already given talks in primary and everything! But he hasn´t been baptized! Who knows why!! So we talked to Arthur and taught him the first lesson, inviting him to be baptized on the 31st. He accepted and is excited! He is the cutest little boy too. When we were asking him questions about what we were teaching, he answered everything very well. His Aunt was really cute too. She was telling him how he will be able to pass the sacrament when he turns 12. Why no one told us he wasn´t baptized even though he has a testimony of the church I do not know, but atleast we know now and can help him enter the door to eternal life!

We have a baptism this weekend too: Vitória. The missionaries have been working with her and her family for years now. Her sister, Priscila, was baptized a few months ago but didnt tell her family because her mom is a different religion and doesnt like the fact that we believe her baptism was not done with authority. Vitória has been going to church with her sister though and told Priscila that she wanted to be baptized. Back 4 years ago when the missionaries started teaching them, she received a response that the Book of Mormon and church are true, but because of her mom she wasnt baptized then. Now she really wants to be a member though and not put it off! She is only 13, but she is super strong, sweet and an amazing example to me!

I want to talk more about Carla then I have time, but she is another investigator who is living with a less active in our ward. She is amazing...she has such a huge heart and always wants to serve others. She is a singer and does shows locally. She sings SO WELL. She is incredible!! She has appeared on the Brazil version of American Idol a few times and went to the finals. She never even studied music...I dont know how she does it!! But I wanted you guys to look her up on YouTube so you can see how amazing she is for yourselves and start a fan club in the united states! haha! Her name is Carla Priscilla. Search her name on you tube and it should pop up. Let me know what you think!!

Its so amazing to see people feeling the love of the Savior and entering into his church. I know this is His church and that what I am doing is true. That the plan is so much greater than we can understand but that it is simple in knowing he loves us too.

Love you all!!

Sister Knudsen

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A few things......

Beginning of email I wanted to send last week but that got cut off by time and messed up internet connections:
This is what I admit: I have an okay ear in knowing if singing is in tune or not. I like to sing. I can hit a small range of notes and make it sound okay. I am no Whitney Houston. I am no Lisa Bulloch Pearce (had to throw that in in case she is reading...LOVE YOU!). I am fully aware of my limits in singing...they are many!
BUT...I also believe in sharing talents. Or at least I tell others they need to share their talents and that the Lords gives more to those who do share their talents and if I didn't apply that to myself I would be a hypocrite...
SO...I agreed to sing for our special musical number in the baptism of Wellington this past weekend (the 3rd of July) after Sister Santos lovingly encouraged me to. I sang When I Am Baptized - A Capella! Yikes! I sang the first verse in Portuguese, then in English, and then the 2nd verse in Portuguese to close. As I was practicing I decided I shouldn't sing it since it was NOT going well. As I said...I have a good enough ear to know if things and in tune or not and I was NOT reaching the notes I needed too. (yeah I know that song isnt too hard but remember my many limits!!) Anyway...I decided I wasn't going to do it and that I would play a piano hymn or something instead. But then I realized that my piano skills aren´t great either...I was stuck between a rock and a hard place! I realized I needed to trust in the Lord and that he would let the spirit touch the audience whether I was in tune or not!
So...I sang and it actually went really well. I could feel the spirit as I sang and the people there felt it too. It was a really good learning opportunity for me. We are so blessed to know that the atonement makes up the difference in whatever thing we are facing, when we believe and trust in the Lord!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First week in Nova Granada, Osasco!

Osasco! (Oh-zahs-coo)

Lets start with the less spiritual stuff and then get into it later:

I am in the city with the most cheap things right now! yay!! We have a little ice cream shop that you get "1 scoop" which is HUGH for $R1. It makes me happy. We also have a dollar store!! Ive never seen one before in Brazil. Everyone gets so excited about it here too! Its a novelty!

The area is really big and there are a LOT more hills, buts my muscles are growing as my shoes and body wear down! Gotta look at the bright side, right?!

My Portuguese has already gotten a ton better just in a week of being completely submerged in it, so that is a good sign!! Sister Santos told me that I say a few words without an accent! YAY!

Some of my favorite words and phrases in Portuguese:

Borracharia (tire store) - bow-ha-sha-ree-a (with emphasis on the ree and clicking the tongue with the r like the d in lady more than an r sound....yeah)

Japonês (I might be spelling that wrong) but they say the word for Japanese so beautifully. I cant explain it, buts its pretty!

Fala Serio - Means "be serious" but the literal translation is "speak serious" (This one is thanks to Sis Winters who LOVES to say this!)

Piada sem graça -- I cant think of how this translation would be exactly, but pretty much a graceless joke!

Pode Ser - Could be

Sister Santos is pretty hilarious! She likes to joke around a lot. She´s even more sarcastic than I am...hard to imagine right?! She likes to make fun of me sometimes when I say words wrong too (good naturedly). We are often hitting each other because of the jokes we make...its a two way thing, I admit! She brings out the best and the worst in me! haha!

She knows when to be serious though and she teaches really well. I am learning a lot from her, especially about using good examples to teach principles of the gospel.

This area is really awesome because there are amazing youth here. Most of the references/investigators come from the youth. There was a boy baptized 3 weeks ago, Estefan, who is so strong. We are teaching his friend that he referred to us right now and he will be baptized on Saturday!! Estefan got the priesthood last week so he will be baptizing him and everything! Its so awesome to see such strong recent converts! This ward has a bunch!!

We had a district activity today and played Monopoly deal and ate lunch together. Its was lots of fun! There are some fun people here!!

Hope all is well with you all!! I love you tons!!!!!!!!!

Sister Knudsen

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drum roll please.......

Oh how I hate and love changes!

I was transfered! I am now in city called Osasco in the capital. My area is novo Granado and Im with a really sweet, obedient Brazilian sister, Sister Santos.

I already miss Sister Winters tons and all the people there! I bawled my eyes out with Aldenio and Michele, but we had a really good lesson that we brought our bishop and his wife to and I am feeling like they willl be baptised one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later! they were really sad to see me go. Aldenio is a crack up. He said, 'you cant leave now, im finally able to understand you!" He use to have lots of problems undertanding me! he said i talked way too fast! haha! story of my life!

So I forgot to say that the world cup is happening right now! you guys probably don't even know exactly what it is, haha! Brazilians don't believe us when we say that the World cup is hardly known or watched in the US! Just in case, it is the big worldwide Soccer (Futebol) championship that happens every 4 years! Its in South Africa this year so I'm wondering if Roberts getting a front row seat! What is his address/

So last week was really cool because the cute family that has the daughter in a wheelchair went to church finally and we had some good lessons with them!! I still dont know if they will progress much right now, because they are very happy already and they dont want to change their lives to have church/religious obligations like daily reading and going to church every Sunday, etc. We are hoping they will really pray and receive an answer!

Awesome story; In my first month here we met a woman with a little boy with CP. She wasnt very interested in hearing our message (we talked to her in a street contact) but enjoyed seeing the pics of Erik and talking about them. We tried to go back and teach her so many times and she always said her son had lots of therapy and wouldnt let us in. she told us to call and gave her number. we tried calling and she still was always too busy.

Well...she finally let us in yesterday because I told her I was leaving the next day so she let us come leave a message finally! it went good!! it made me happy!! Thanks Erik!! You are definitely a blessing to more than you know!

Sister Knudsen

PS got the package! thanks so much! its perfect!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't you just miss Erin??!

Okay, I only left myself about 5 minutes to write the update email so its not going to be much...Ill just give you little bullet points you can ask me about next week so I can remember to write about them in more detail...
-- We did splits this week so I became the Senior Companion for this past Monday and Tuesday! AGH! I was freaked out, let me tell you! But it went well-ish. Except the one guy that told me and Sister Peck (from Washington who is even newer than me!) that we don't have the spirit with us. Yeah...
-- We didn't have transfers yet, they are next Wednesday so I will find out if one of us or both of us are leaving on Monday night. I don't know who it will be but I am thinking Sister Winters will be transfered and I will stay here. Vamos Ver!
-- Sister Peck and I taught Aldênio on Monday night and I think it went good. I was really firm with him and I think it sunk in..Sister Winters and I are going back tonight with our Bishop to try and set a wedding and baptismal date with them.
That's all for now...sorry!!
Sister Knudsen!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Update on Aldénio and Michele from my letter to President and other things I am adding in just for you guys:
We went back to Aldénio and Michele but Aldénio wasn't there so we just talked with Michele. We helped her recognize that she has received an answer about this message and knows that it is true. (Did I tell you guys that she got really emotion when she walked into the chapel? It brought her to tears. This time she told us that the feeling she felt was a strong as only 3 other times in her life 1) their wedding/blessing thing 2) birth of Marcelle 3) Birth of Manuelle.) We talked to her about setting July 31 as their goal to be married and baptized. She said it sounded good but that she would need to talk to Aldénio of course and he is a bit more hesitant. We went back and talked with both of them and it seemed like they had definitely talked about it, because Michele started asking lots of questions that we know came from Aldénio (he really likes us and doesn´t like to talk to us directly about his doubts and questions). She said, "mas nós precisamos ser batisados mesmo?" (But do we really have to be baptized?) It was a 180 degree change for her...she asked about all the restrictions (word of wisdom, having to be married, etc) and how they worked if we have free agency. It broke Sister Winters and my heart when she started asking about everything since we know she has a testimony. But everything she asked us are the doubts and questions that Aldénio has. He needs lots of prayers. He still doesn´t have a testimony of these things. We explained agency and bore our testimonies, and talked a lot about prayer and how they need to receive their own answers about these things. We invited them to read the scriptures and pray everyday in their search to know if these things are true. We are praying hard for them and especially Aldénio. We are going to prepare a special lesson for him about the priesthood and about the blessing it can be her his family/children. We sing Eu Sou Um Filho de Deus (I Am A Child of God) with them almost every time and it really helps him I think. We will just keep praying and working hard and rely on the Lord!
Im attaching a photo of them. I really love them and I know they are elect...We just have to help them to know it! We took this picture after church when they came. They practically look like members already...Michele got them all dressed up!
We had a really good lesson with a boy named Marcelo this week too. It was a very special night for us. He was interviewed to be baptized about 5 months ago, but decided he wasn't ready right before the baptism. He told us now that after wards his life just fell apart...nothing huge happened, but he felt more unstable and unhappy. We had a really good lesson with him and he said he knows he needs to come back. Ill write more about him next week since I am out of time and there is much more I want to say about it!!
Love you so much!!
Sister Knudsen

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I forgot I still had to write my President, so I wrote to him about this cute family we found that we are really excited about. I talked about them in the last email. At Interviews with President Cooley he told us that we need to focus on teaching their daughters because as we teach on their level the spirit will teach the parents on their level. He told us to teach them I Am a Child of God. So here is the email I wrote him about how it went and everything:
"You were very inspired in your advice to teach the children. It didn´t go as well as we planned because the little daughter was being a little bit...crazy, but it still worked wonders with the dad, Aldénio. He had been hesitant about church, but when we invited them to come again he said Yes without hesitation! We were so glad!! They came on Sunday and absolutely LOVED it. Well Aldénio was really tired, so he didnt get much out of it, but he still liked it and Michele and the girls adored it! When Michele walked into the chapel, it moved her to tears. She said it was so beautiful and she felt something and got very emotional!
The problem: We found out they aren´t legally married. When they got "married" Michele was 16 and he was 29 or so. Her family didnt approve so they went to a Catholic Bishop and he gave them a blessing -- so they count that as being married as far as God is concerned, even though they aren´t married by law. They want to get married legally, but were thinking they might do it at the end of this year so they could save up money and go all out with all their family and everything. We knew this would be a hard we planned a really good lesson about eternal families and temples that we were really excited about. The execution didn´t go as well as we had planned, though. One of their daughters wouldn´t sit still and was asking her mom to do everything for her as we tried to teach, so it was hard for Michele to focus. When we came to the invite for them to be married sooner rather than later so that they could be baptised and receive the blessings of the temple, Aldénio said it would be impossible because they dont have the money now. Michele talked about how she really wants to have a wedding dress and get their families all together. We testified and invited them to pray about it. They said they would pray about it.
We fasted for them yesterday and hope that when we go back they will have received a response that these things are true. And that they will show the faith to go forward with the response. Neither of us have really had to help people get married before, so we are learning together...its a really hard situation!! But we are trying to rely on the Lord that he can help us say the things they need to hear to follow his commandments!"
So that is the update about their family. I really love them and I hope they continue to progress.
Thats the majority of whats been happening this week! I love the gospel and I love this work and I know that we have the restored church of Jesus Christ on the earth again. I know that when we put God and Jesus Christ in the first place in our lives, everything else works out. I promise that is true because I am seeing it in the lives of those I meet and teach here in Brazil.
I love you all!!
Sister Knudsen

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I think I told you guys about the fun rain adventure we had after Policia Federal and meeting the apostles. This is a picture of us soaking wet after we finally made it to the right bus stop (this was after we walked against traffic on the freeway...good times!)

Brazilian Pay phone booths! It looks like a helmet! They are great! This isnt the exact one, but I used one just like it in front of our apartment when I called you on Saturday night!!

HOLY AVOCADO! Look how big they are here! I think they are a tad bit sweeter too. Mom and Andy, you would be in Heaven here with me with these big avocados! Just one makes more guacamole than 4-5 of ours in the United States and they are pretty inside...I havent seen one yet that has so much gross stringy yuckiness as a lot of the ones we have to deal with. Do you think avocados would travel well when I come home...?

We had a zone activity 2 P-days ago and after the activity we got milkshakes. Elder Gratil bought pistacchio in the largest size possible...which was a big mistake because it was GROSS! So then he had to get the taste out of his he went and bought another one and asked for the smallest/cheapest one. This was the result. Everyone was laughing because of how tiny it is!!

This is a little path through the field in front of our apartment complex. It was a pretty sunset as we walked home through it so we thought we should take some quaint photos!

THANKS AMANDA!! Amanda sent me a lemon poppyseed muffin package so my companion and I made them into pancakes! Delicious as always! I wouldnt mind a few more of those packets...hint hint. ;) Sister Winters mom had sent her maple flavor so we made syrup and everything! It was perfect!