Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visit to the temple....

I finally did a session here in Brazil today in the São Paulo Temple! It was amazing! I have no doubts that the Temple is the house of the Lord. It is the most sacred place on Earth. I love being inside. :) Even if everything was in Portuguese. Haha!

We have two baptisms this week! That little boy I talked about and Vitória. She was suppose to be baptized last weekend but her Dad was in the hospital (he is in and out because he has cancer :( ) and he really wants to be there to watch her baptism, so we remarked for this weekend so that he can come. He is doing a little better right now, but I dont think he has much time. I hope he takes this opportunity to follow the example of his daughter and be baptized so that they can have an eternal family.

We marked a baptismal date with José and Maria! Now we need to take them to the center to help them get legally wed! They are an awesome couple. So sincere and very fun too! I really love them!! The people really do make the mission...its so awesome to get to meet so many incredible people!!

We received a reference this week from a sweet teenager, Jéssica, in our ward. She was baptised in a different area when she was spending time with her dad. She is the only member in her home here in Osasco and she goes to church every week by herself. She´s been talking to her cousin, Thatiane, about the church and we went there this week and taught her the first lesson. She accepted a baptismal date too. She is so sweet and ready too. The Lord really prepares people. He is behind this work 100%!

Love you all so much!!

Sister Knudsen

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