Monday, October 18, 2010

A letter to mom-

I´m glad the time with Andy was so good! I loved the part about Erik. He never learns; hahahaha! He wasnt doing this boom box thing before but it was a good idea!! Im sure he loves it! I can just imagine him changing the song every 5 seconds and saying "I hate this song!" hahahaha. Oh how I miss him!
I definitely felt the vibes and love from you all on my birthday! It went very well!! My companion planned a surprise party for me with Benedita, José, Maria, and the crew there in their house. It was very fun!! And one of our ward missionaries, Carol, bought us a pizza that night to celebrate! Oh and an Elder in our district made me a bunch of brownies that he is becoming famous for. YUM! It was a great birthday!
The package hasn´t come yet, at least into my hands, because we don't have as many opportunities to get our letters and packages from the office these days. I will most likely get it on the 28th when our whole mission is going into the office to hear Elder Bednar speak. I am super excited!! That week will be transfers too, but I am pretty sure I will be staying here with Sister Felipe for at least one more transfer. I am really excited because I will be able to take a 3 generations photo with her and Sister Winters! Its pretty rare to take a "mission" 3 -generations photo, but I will take one as daughter and as mother! Its fun! I took one with Sister Winters and her trainer, Sister Correia in my first zone conference, and now a couple months before Sister Winters goes home (December 8) we will get to take another one with Sister Felipe!
But I am looking forward to my package when I can get it! You guys are the best! I love you tons!!
*We have met some really cool people this week and I am excited to keep working with them!
*The bishopric in the ward here was released Sunday...they were having some we are told "Its a stake matter" That's all I know. But I love our Bishop and the counselors and everyone was very sad to see them released. For now a counselor in the stake presidency who is from our ward is acting as Bishop. Its kind of strange...Ive never seen this happen before, but I am sure it will all work out.
*Today we were going to hike Jaraguá Peak but it rained all day so instead we did an activity in the stake center with some other Elders. Played Risk and Ligretto! YES! One of the Elders here, Elder Anderson loves games as much as I do and both his parents served missions in Germany so he has all the good games! When he told me he had Ligretto I freaked out a bit!! Good times! Tell Amanda I thought of her!! It was a very fun day!
I love you!!
Sister Knudsen
PS: Tell Krista thanks so much for the card and email and that there is a card I will be sending this week for her!


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  1. Oh good! She is so sweet. I was hoping she would get the card in time. And I'm glad I had the right address. Sounds like she had an enjoyable birthday! :)