Monday, October 4, 2010

I loved President Monson´s talk as well! I have no doubt that He is a prophet of God, and THE Prophet of God on the face of the earth in this moment. I also loved the talks by Pres. Eyring, Pres. Uchtdorf, and of course Elder Holland. I also ADORED the talk about the Personal Line and Priesthood Line of Revelation. That principle is SO important for people to understand in order to understand that this is the ONLY true and complete church in the world. I am really excited for the ensign now so that I can study that talk more and use it when we teach.

So they aired the RS broadcast between sessions yesterday so I had almost 6 hours straight of conference! Good times! I did a split with a sister in the ward who served a mission in washington DC and watched most of conference in English with her. I only watched RS and the last session in portuguese. We are spoiled that we get to hear these great men and woman with their own voices, etc. Its just not the same with a voice over. It was cool though because Sister Beck and a few other Elders who know Portuguese or are from brazil did their own voice overs in the language.


So...the other day Sister Felipe made beans for us to eat. There was just a little bit left so we left it to cool so that we could put it in the fridge. Well...we forgot about it and a few days later (yeah...) Sister Felipe looked and it was growing a little life there inside. So she had the idea to put it over the burner with water and soap to kill all those little germs! Well...I assumed that she had a grand plan behind her actions, so I didnt think much more about it and took a shower and got ready for bed, thinking that I should probably check to make sure she remembered to take it off the fire before sleeping. But then I forgot all about it and went to sleep!

Then...5 AM hits. You know how sometimes you wake up all the sudden and have no idea why? That's what happened with me and I was overwhelmed with the smell of BURNT....VERY VERY BURNT....

I jumped out of my bed (literally...I sleep on the top bunk!) and ran into the kitchen thinking Could it be?!) When I entered the kitchen I saw the small blue glow of the burner still cooking away...

And the pan inside was BLACK BLACK BLACK...(see photo for proof!)

First off, I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL to my Heavenly Father for blessing us and keeping us save when our house could have taken fire. I was in a continuous prayer of gratitude that night and the next day and still am SO very thankful that we are alive and our kitchen is intact.

Secondly, once the initial "we could have died!! or burnt down our house" thrill wore off, Sister Felipe and I have fully taken advantage of how hilarious this was. Just look at that took a good 3 days of scubbing to bring the pan back to useful life.

Moral of the story: Don´t turn off the light in the kitchen, because then Sister Felipe will forget about her crazy ideas! haha! And dont let your food grown life!!

Good times. :)

Other than that, a few updates about the week:
*We had Zone Conference this week so I got to see Sister Santos and some other sisters. Elder Teichert who was in my MTC district is in my zone for zone conference now too so I got to catch up with him.
*I am excited for my package from you are the best!!
*Thatiane still needs lots of prayers and just to clarify you say her name (Tah-Chi-Ah-Nee) :)

*A beautiful purple tree and me
*The pan


Sister Knudsen

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