Monday, September 6, 2010

Language barriers...

Funny story...
A few weeks ago we were at Thatiane´s house teaching her and she gave us a few chocolate candies at the beginning of the lesson. I are one and put the other in my bag for later. We then watched Together Forever (an adorably amazing video we use a lot here about how families can be together forever). After wards she asked us if we wanted some chocolate cake. The word for candy is "bala" and the word for cake is "bolo" They are similar...more or less. I wasn't really listening I guess because I thought she asked us if we wanted chocolate candy (thinking she was asking if we wanted more of what she had already given us) so I told her "no, I already put one in my bag" She looked at me very confusedly and my companion starting laughing. I stopped and rewound what she had said and then started laughing too as I asked, "you said chocolate cake?" She answered in the affirmative and we all laughed a lot at the thought of me sneaking into her cake and putting a piece in my bag when I didn't even know she had it. My companion stole my planner and wrote in big letters: Não Futarás!! (Thou Shalt Not Steal!) Gotta love language barriers!
One more...
The other day my companion was really sad about something that happened back home so I was telling her that sometimes we just need to cry. I told her about an experience I had when I cried a lot in the car driving to a friends house. I told her that I arrived there with my eyes full of tears...but I used the wrong word. Correct: Eu cheguei lá com meus olhos cheio de lagrimas! But I said: Eu cheguei lá com meus olhos cheio de legumes! Lagrimas: tears, Legumes: vegetables... That gave her a good laugh and she felt better after wards. We have lots of material to laugh about from the many things I accidentally say wrong!
Anyway, the work is going very well! We received a reference a couple weeks ago from a friend of a less active member. Her brother in law was suffering from a bit of depression and we went there and started teaching him. He will be baptized this Friday. :) His name is Eduardo and he is a really nice guy. He is 39 but looks like he is 25/30ish. He was working at a shopping center here in Osasco about 10 years ago when it blew up. He wasn't there that day, by some luck, but it left him very shaken. He is really liking the church and is feeling a lot better. :)
I know this church is true and that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses lives like nothing else.
I love you all!
Sister Knudsen

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