Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!

Hey Fam!
Happy Turkey day to you!!
The Temple today was amazing! Its the best place on Earth! I received a lot of direction and peace there today!
We are seeing lots of little miracles in our area this week! Karina, who needs to marry before she can be baptized was able to mark her wedding on Monday. Our leaders had found the right person to talk to in the Cartório, Keiko. We went with Karina and Altair to the office, and even though Altair has a problem with his RG (its a legal document here) and it won´t be resolved for more than 15 days, Keiko let them mark the wedding for the 10th of December. She told them that as soon as the new RG gets to them they have to bring it in or else she will annol the wedding! But she let them...MIRACLE! So Karina will be baptized that night!
Yesterday we were able to sit down and talk to two girls from a family who went to church with us on Sunday. The parents weren't home, but we taught the daughters in the street. They both want to be baptized and we marked with them for this Sunday after church! Now we just have to follow up with the fact that they aren't drinking coffee anymore and make sure the parents will let them be baptized! But I think they will allow without problem! They are really cute little girls and super smart. The gospel will really bless their lives! I will talk to you guys more about their family on Monday.
Love you all tons!
Sister Knudsen

Thanks for the email! Erik is a crack up! Love that boy! PHEW!

Enjoy all that amazing thanksgiving food for me! They dont celebrate it here, no. It will just be a normal day for me! haha! Next year...I will eat all that pie by myself! ;)

Thanks for sending me package! I am excited already!

FYI....Sister Winters goes home on the 8th of December and there is a package being sent to you guys from me with her...I´m not sure if her cousins (the Winters from AZ) will be going to her farewell talk or for Christmas but I just wanted to let you know beforehand to not give another surprise for Ashley if someone strange comes to the door! haha! ENJOY!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EARLY!

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