Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello my beautifuls!!

Hello my lovely family!!!

Sounds like you are all having a blast together! That picture of the beach made my mouth water...but I think I can wait a little bit longer! I´ll try at least!! My companion took a look too and has a burning desire to go there too!
Love love LOVE that picture of Cam, Andin, and Ollie, where Cam has a face full of crumbs. hahahahaha. Awesome.
I hope the field trip goes well. Sounds like a really cool place!
Send my love to Suzie and Brian and wish my twin, Aunt Nancy, a happy birthday for me!!!!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It will be a normal day for me here, but I will make sure to celebrate a little with Sister Felipe! She likes to make cake and I love to eat cake, so it will go well!!
I´m glad you liked the sweets and other things from here! The things you really loved I will try to send more of so let me know what things were your favorites. Oh and Andy, the round chocolate ball things with the wafer are call BomBons here like our peanut butter bonbons that mom makes. BomBons are the rage here. They have all kinds of types. Yum Yum!
I don't remember which fruit juice was in the white package...was it cajú? Some of them I haven't tried yet, but let me know which it was and if its really good I will have to try it! haha!

Hailey! 8 teeth already?! Crazy! The tooth fairy seems to have gotten richer...maybe she sold all that land with the orange trees?!!
Andrea, do you know the Roché family in your new ward yet? Laurie and Pat? Their son, Ryan, just left to serve a mission in Argentina. He is best friends with Elder Andraszczyk who is my zone leader here. He wanted me to ask. :) (Andrea's edit: how crazy that this missionary's mom she's telling me about is my daughter Cambria's preschool teacher!!! Small small world.)
Question: What is the recipe for the marinade for fajitas?
So...remember when you asked if I needed things and I couldn't think of anything....well for the future...(Christmas?) I remembered that I could use 2 new white undershirts from downeast or shade. My other ones are getting old.
Church yesterday was SO wonderful. We had a fast and testimony meeting full of the Spirit. I had wet eyes during practically the whole hour! It was very focused on missions. They were talking a lot about the fact that the age changed to 18 years old for Elders, and how we are needing a lot of missionaries right now to further the work. Then a bunch of the youth bore there testimonies about how they want to serve missions. It was very special. Even better was that we had a surprise visitor, Vagner. He is the boyfriend of Adriana (sister of Henrique) who we were teaching when we were preparing Wellington to be baptized too. He always said he would go to church but then something always got in the way. It was a serious war against Satan. They ended up breaking up and he didn't want to learn more...but then they got back together recently and he finally came. I was so shocked and happy when I saw him walk in the door. He really liked church and said he´ll come back next week. We are going there this week to watch the file "Together Forever" with him and Adriana. I am excited!

They are having a revote for president, so there is still a little bit of advertising going on, but for the most part the local music and other annoyances have ended. THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all! I hope you have a safe drive home, family, and that all is well with you!
Ashley: Hope all is well at home and at school with you!!


Cake that Sister Felipe made with passionfruit juice! Yum!

FUNNY STORY...So I received this card in the mail awhile ago but forgot to tell you guys. Either a funny joke or a serious one...don´t know! But I figured whoever did it deserves a shout out on the blog. hahahahahahahahaha.

Raspberry jam cookies that I used strawberry jam since its a lot cheaper here! My zone LOVES them. Thanks Kvavles!!

The mess that elections make here! In the distance you can see the school bus vans they use here. To the right is a pay phone.

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