Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drum roll please.......

Oh how I hate and love changes!

I was transfered! I am now in city called Osasco in the capital. My area is novo Granado and Im with a really sweet, obedient Brazilian sister, Sister Santos.

I already miss Sister Winters tons and all the people there! I bawled my eyes out with Aldenio and Michele, but we had a really good lesson that we brought our bishop and his wife to and I am feeling like they willl be baptised one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later! they were really sad to see me go. Aldenio is a crack up. He said, 'you cant leave now, im finally able to understand you!" He use to have lots of problems undertanding me! he said i talked way too fast! haha! story of my life!

So I forgot to say that the world cup is happening right now! you guys probably don't even know exactly what it is, haha! Brazilians don't believe us when we say that the World cup is hardly known or watched in the US! Just in case, it is the big worldwide Soccer (Futebol) championship that happens every 4 years! Its in South Africa this year so I'm wondering if Roberts getting a front row seat! What is his address/

So last week was really cool because the cute family that has the daughter in a wheelchair went to church finally and we had some good lessons with them!! I still dont know if they will progress much right now, because they are very happy already and they dont want to change their lives to have church/religious obligations like daily reading and going to church every Sunday, etc. We are hoping they will really pray and receive an answer!

Awesome story; In my first month here we met a woman with a little boy with CP. She wasnt very interested in hearing our message (we talked to her in a street contact) but enjoyed seeing the pics of Erik and talking about them. We tried to go back and teach her so many times and she always said her son had lots of therapy and wouldnt let us in. she told us to call and gave her number. we tried calling and she still was always too busy.

Well...she finally let us in yesterday because I told her I was leaving the next day so she let us come leave a message finally! it went good!! it made me happy!! Thanks Erik!! You are definitely a blessing to more than you know!

Sister Knudsen

PS got the package! thanks so much! its perfect!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't you just miss Erin??!

Okay, I only left myself about 5 minutes to write the update email so its not going to be much...Ill just give you little bullet points you can ask me about next week so I can remember to write about them in more detail...
-- We did splits this week so I became the Senior Companion for this past Monday and Tuesday! AGH! I was freaked out, let me tell you! But it went well-ish. Except the one guy that told me and Sister Peck (from Washington who is even newer than me!) that we don't have the spirit with us. Yeah...
-- We didn't have transfers yet, they are next Wednesday so I will find out if one of us or both of us are leaving on Monday night. I don't know who it will be but I am thinking Sister Winters will be transfered and I will stay here. Vamos Ver!
-- Sister Peck and I taught Aldênio on Monday night and I think it went good. I was really firm with him and I think it sunk in..Sister Winters and I are going back tonight with our Bishop to try and set a wedding and baptismal date with them.
That's all for now...sorry!!
Sister Knudsen!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Update on Aldénio and Michele from my letter to President and other things I am adding in just for you guys:
We went back to Aldénio and Michele but Aldénio wasn't there so we just talked with Michele. We helped her recognize that she has received an answer about this message and knows that it is true. (Did I tell you guys that she got really emotion when she walked into the chapel? It brought her to tears. This time she told us that the feeling she felt was a strong as only 3 other times in her life 1) their wedding/blessing thing 2) birth of Marcelle 3) Birth of Manuelle.) We talked to her about setting July 31 as their goal to be married and baptized. She said it sounded good but that she would need to talk to Aldénio of course and he is a bit more hesitant. We went back and talked with both of them and it seemed like they had definitely talked about it, because Michele started asking lots of questions that we know came from Aldénio (he really likes us and doesn´t like to talk to us directly about his doubts and questions). She said, "mas nós precisamos ser batisados mesmo?" (But do we really have to be baptized?) It was a 180 degree change for her...she asked about all the restrictions (word of wisdom, having to be married, etc) and how they worked if we have free agency. It broke Sister Winters and my heart when she started asking about everything since we know she has a testimony. But everything she asked us are the doubts and questions that Aldénio has. He needs lots of prayers. He still doesn´t have a testimony of these things. We explained agency and bore our testimonies, and talked a lot about prayer and how they need to receive their own answers about these things. We invited them to read the scriptures and pray everyday in their search to know if these things are true. We are praying hard for them and especially Aldénio. We are going to prepare a special lesson for him about the priesthood and about the blessing it can be her his family/children. We sing Eu Sou Um Filho de Deus (I Am A Child of God) with them almost every time and it really helps him I think. We will just keep praying and working hard and rely on the Lord!
Im attaching a photo of them. I really love them and I know they are elect...We just have to help them to know it! We took this picture after church when they came. They practically look like members already...Michele got them all dressed up!
We had a really good lesson with a boy named Marcelo this week too. It was a very special night for us. He was interviewed to be baptized about 5 months ago, but decided he wasn't ready right before the baptism. He told us now that after wards his life just fell apart...nothing huge happened, but he felt more unstable and unhappy. We had a really good lesson with him and he said he knows he needs to come back. Ill write more about him next week since I am out of time and there is much more I want to say about it!!
Love you so much!!
Sister Knudsen