Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy little bee......

Sorry no time to answer the questions this week but a quick update:

I am going slightly crazy!

I turned senior and trainer on Wednesday. AHHHH! Sister Santos was transferred and I received my "daughter" as the new sister you train is called. Her name is Sister Felipe and she is from Manaus. She is very sweet and I like her lots, but I am struggling a bit. I would appreciate your prayers for a few reasons...

1. I miss Sister Santos a lot...

2. Thatiane, the 15 year old girl in the photo and her mom read a few things on the internet about how we believe that God is a person just like us since he has a body, etc....stuff that people write that is semi-true but not explained properly, and now she as doubts and doesnt know if she wants to continue on. Her mom wont let her go to church any more either...since she sees that she is doubting a little bit. She is a girl sooo elect...and I am really really really broken inside. She just called me right now before I started writing this email and told me that she and her mom decided they need to find a religion together and one that they agree with, etc. It broke my heart. Sister Santos would know exactly what to say, but I dont know. I know I need to rely on the Spirit and it will all work out, but I am worried that I wont know what to say to her to help.

I am just a little stressed turning trainer...its a big responsibility and we all know I hate being in charge of things...Why am I a stresser?! ugh!!

But anyway, I AM happy and I am trusting in the Lord. :) It will all work out!

Love you all so much!

Sister Knudsen

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