Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey Beautiful Mama!
For real, everyone always comments on how you are so young and beautiful when I show them my family pictures!
Sounds like you had a great dinner with Grandma, Steve and Cheryl, and Stacy and Jered! I´m glad they are doing good! Jake and Maren are so old now! And Im sure as cute as ever!
One more amazing production from Rob Gardner! Awesome! Of course Lisa and Rustin were in it!! Here in the house I´m in I have a cd player so at least while I am here I can listen to CDs! And there a is a member here that can put cds on my ipod for me if I need her to, so send it away! yay! Thanks!!

Answers of the week:
Favorite Moment this week: We received a few referrals from the internet and one of them was a woman named Leila. We contacted her this week and shared with her the message of the Restoration. I felt the Spirit guiding our words a lot with what we said to her and I have a lot of hope that when we return next Saturday (she works all day during the week so we couldnt mark for before saturday) she will have received a response about the Book of Mormon and our message. Its was a very good lesson/moment!
Also, last night we were teaching Eduardo in his house and his mom was there. She is a very old woman (in her 80s) and loves to talk. [A little background info: There is an Elder here names Elder Anderson. He is from Pennsylvania and is very tall, with very red hair, and very blue eyes. He came with our District Leader on splits when Eduardo was interviewed to be baptized.] So we are there talking to Eduardo´s mom and she asks me again if I am from the United States. Then she says to this effect, "That other boy that came is from there too right? He is very hot, dont you think? Very handsome!" Sister Santos and I had a very good laugh about that. Good thing this woman was laughing too or it would have been awkward. We laughed A LOT! Good times!
Hardest Moment: The baptism of Eduado. Sister Santos and I hardly ever get mad at each other but once in while we have little fights about things very very the point that we laugh a lot after wards about how stupid our fights are. Well the night of the baptism, we had a bit of a disagreement that left Sister Santos very upset and not talking to me. It was the longest, less spiritual baptism I have experienced thus far on the mission...but luckily I don't think anyone else knew and so I hope it was a spiritual experience for them, and most importantly, Eduardo. Anyway, as we walked home from the stake center we made amends and all was well as we returned home and celebrated the baptism with left over cake from Sister Santos birthday on Wednesday (Which reminds me of another favorite moment: I planned a little surprise party for her in the house of José and Maria on Wednesday night and it went very well! She had no idea....muwhahahaha!) and hot dogs. I had a couple days of actually wanting a hot dog...crazy I know. So I ate a few, but it has passed and I am good to go not eating hot dogs for another couple of years!
Favorite food: One of the woman in the ward that always cooks sooo well made a Stroganoff (different than what you are thinking) that was very delicious. Its a sauce with beef or chicken that is made from whipping creme...not very healthy but very amazing!
Least Favorite food...hmm...I made up a recipe one day that we had money for lunch that was really quite delicious, but the second day that I went to eat it the chicken had that left over taste that is nasty so it wasn't the same anymore. I always forget that chicken is terrible when reheated! Other than that, nothing...the majority of food here is sooo good! idea! haha!
I like this question and answer helps me remember things from the week and have ideas of what to write about! Usually I sit down to write and none of the funny or interesting events of the week come to me! Keep them coming! haha!
Love you and everyone tons as always! miss you like crazy!

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