Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't you just miss Erin??!

Okay, I only left myself about 5 minutes to write the update email so its not going to be much...Ill just give you little bullet points you can ask me about next week so I can remember to write about them in more detail...
-- We did splits this week so I became the Senior Companion for this past Monday and Tuesday! AGH! I was freaked out, let me tell you! But it went well-ish. Except the one guy that told me and Sister Peck (from Washington who is even newer than me!) that we don't have the spirit with us. Yeah...
-- We didn't have transfers yet, they are next Wednesday so I will find out if one of us or both of us are leaving on Monday night. I don't know who it will be but I am thinking Sister Winters will be transfered and I will stay here. Vamos Ver!
-- Sister Peck and I taught AldĂȘnio on Monday night and I think it went good. I was really firm with him and I think it sunk in..Sister Winters and I are going back tonight with our Bishop to try and set a wedding and baptismal date with them.
That's all for now...sorry!!
Sister Knudsen!

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