Monday, November 8, 2010


Its crazy how long things can take to get here! Sometimes its faster though, so I am not sure when the christmas package should be sent. I´d say to give it a good 6 the sooner the better...hahaha! We have transfers on the 8th of December, and then after that I dont know when anyone will be going to the office. But I can go on a P-day if necessary to pick it up. Plus I think we will all do some sort of ativity in the area of the office for Christmas...I dont know. So I could get it there too. Not sure!
I got a package from the primary there in your ward today! It made me smile! Its a bunch of fancy artwork from the kids! hahaha! Love it! I still havent looked at all of them but its very cute!
Fun news: I got a letter from Steffen FINALLY! He is going to BYU-Idaho studying music, and is engaged to a cute girl named Emily, who is also a music major. They are getting married the morning of new years if I remember correctly. Sounds like she is super perfect for him! I´m glad he is doing well. The mission was very good for him.
So the sad news is that our mission was having some problems with new investigators. So our President reinforced the fact that we need to be talking with people everyday. We are doing at least 10 contacts per day now and actually doing and not just saying we should do it like sometimes happens. It is going VERY well! I am sad that I got in the habit of not doing many contacts because now we are finding a lot of people who are interested. The Lord is waiting to help us find his elect but we have to open our mouths to find them! I am learning so much on the mission....that I need to trust so much in him! He is in control and he is yeah...of course he knows what do it and I have no idea so I need HIM!
This week we had another amazing present. We randomly passed in the house of a member and while we were there, her sister in law was passing through the house and told this member to send us to her house. So we went there and found out that she is living with a less active member and already know everything about the church and wants to be baptized. We invited them to get married and he proposed to her in that moment and it was SUPER sweet and amazing! The next day we went to the office in the center of the city to mark the wedding, but they had to do a few things first so they should have gonet his morning to mark for good. I hope it went well. Her name is Karina and his name is Altair (al-tie-ir). They are awesome, but she needs lots of prayers because she feels like every time she starts to try and do what is right, that she feels a depression and urge to cry and give up. The devil works so hard to stop people from doing what is right....ugh! So your prayers in her behalf would be very appreciated. She is really an incredible person! I love her so much after less than one week!!
Alright. Times up, but I love you guys like crazy! Até mais!

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