Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thanks for sending the package!!!

I did NOT get transferred! YAY! I am staying here with Sister Felipe for one
more!! I almost have as much time as Sister Santos had here and everyone
always made fun of her that she would stay her whole mission here! hahaha!
President just forgets about this area! hahaha!

But I am super excited to stay here and see the baptisms of Jose,
Silvana and their kids! They are the humbled amazing coolest family!
Besides ours of course!! haha!

Love you guys!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally a GOOD update!!

Hello my wonderful beautiful and amazing family!

I´m sorry for the past 2 weeks! This week I am writing without being
AS rushed so I will try to include everything that I wanted to say!

To start off...We have transfers on Wednesday so tonight we will find
out if one of us is leaving or if we will stay together again. I
think I will be going this time because I have been here almost 7
months! That is 5 transfers and 3 with Sister Felipe. But there will
be 4 sisters going home in the next transfer (March) so maybe he will
leave us alone until then when he will have to change everything
anyway...who knows!

So I was going to talk about Camila, Geane´s sister. Geane is a less
active woman who we visit and a few months ago her Sister moved there
to help her with the house and he kids. We formed a good friendship
with her and were waiting for the right moment to teach her! Well the
Lord provided last week! She had told us that she would go to church
finally, because we´d been inviting her for awhile. So we took that
as a sign and stopped by there during the week. It was the perfect
chance because Geane had gone to the doctor so it was just Camila and
Geane´s little girl who just happened to take a nap in that moment.
So we sat down and taught Camila about the restoration. She found it
all very interesting and told us that she would read the Book of
Mormon and pray. She told us that she has been feeling lately that
God hasn´t been very present in her life...that she hasn´t felt the
spirit very much. She told us that if He really did respond to her
prayer that she would know that this church is true and would prepare
to be baptized. It was a very special time with her. Since then we
were able to follow up with her and she had read a little but was
feeling that she really needed to take more time to read and pray.
She didn't go to church because she got really sick and then yesterday
didn't go again...we don't know why yet....but we are praying hard for
her because she is ready. We just need to fight again Satan now...oh
how he loves to keep people from the Gospel! UGH! But we are

An amazing couple that we are teaching, José Quirino and Silvana, went
to church yesterday with 2 of their kids and LOVED it! They are super
humble people and so fun! José Quirino makes mosaic art...I cant
really explain it. (I'll send a photo) Its pretty much amazing
and if I stay here I will have him do one for me. Super talented!
They are preparing to be baptized on the 29th. Please pray for them!!

Marcelo and Marcia went to church yesterday with their 2 kids too.
Marcelo told his boss that he wont be working on Sundays anymore
because he will be going to church! Love it! He chose the 29th to be
baptized as well so it will be a busy and amazing day!!

Last Monday we had a fun day at a member family´s home and she taught
us how to make Esfihas! I´ll make them for you guys when I get home!
They are a party food here! She also taught us a little about how to
decorate cakes. Good times!