Friday, April 9, 2010

More from Brazil....

Sounds like Easter was a blast! Can I just tell you that I think its very funny that you tell me in such detail the food you all ate! I get a little jealous, I hope you know! ;) Thank you though! It makes me feel closer to you and I can just pretend that I am eating those amazing strawberry pies....mmmmm....
I love what Cambria said about the zoo...she is so cute!!
I LOVED LOVED LOVED conference. I love listening to men and women of God...they have such power and authority in their words and testimonies. Just seeing them and feeling their spirit is a testimony that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored!
The theme was definitely on families. I loved it. I thought about you guys a lot during! I always think `oh i bet so and so is thinking this about what he just said´ etc.
My favorite part was the testimony of the prophet that Elder Neil. L Andersen gave at the end of his talk before President Monson spoke. We had an investigator listening to that session and I felt like it was perfect for her!
So we only had that one woman at conference even though we had 5 or so confirmed to go...but we were grateful for the one! She is the mom in a family of three (dad, mom, daughter) with a daughter with special needs. The daughter was a little sick, so she canceled on us, but then last minute said she was coming after all! It was awesome and she really liked it! We had dinner with her and her family last night and they are going to come to church this weekend, she said. They haven't read the part we marked in the Book of Mormon yet though...but I know that when they finally do read and pray they will receive a response and be humble enough to go forward with it. Her parents live next door too, and they have been over a lot when we are there. We have high hopes to baptize all of them! They are a very special family. After we ate last night, Mya (the little daughter) said she wanted to give us something so her mom went into the back room and brought out two WRAPPED gifts! She had showed us a book Mya has that is Your First 1000 Words in Portuguese/English. Its a Disney made book that has pages with different themes (house, animals, numbers, telling time, etc) to help kids learn. It has each word in English and in Portuguese. We had said that we loved it and that it would be good for us even, so she went and bought each of us one! I was amazed! They are so sweet! Oh and she had asked us what kind of food we like and I had told you I love broccoli but have still yet to find it here and so she found and made us broccoli! They are amazing!! I really love them!
Our new transfer starts today and Sister Winters and I are staying together for at least one more! YAY! We didn't want to be separated yet and we both want to see the fruit of our labor since we didn't have any baptisms last transfer. Usually transfers are every 6 weeks, but there is always one that is 5 weeks during the year and this is it. It is really hard to know that eventually one of us will have to leave. I have a feeling it will be me, but who knows. I will put of thinking about it until that 5th week...haha!
But yeah, we are really praying for some baptisms this transfer. Its so hard meeting all of these great people and knowing that not all of them will accept the gospel. I just have to keep trying everyday to become a better instrument in the hands of the Lord so that through my faith, miracles can happen in the lives of these amazing people!
Description of the pictures I sent last week: 1.) Me and two of my elders from the MTC, Elder Edlund and Elder Lew. They are in the interior too so when we had zone conference they were there! It was so good to see them! Elder Teichert is the only one I haven´t seen yet since he is in the capital. One day! 2.) Sister Winters and I on one of our first P-days when we went to a park and met up with ours and another zone so they could play futebol and we could run and play cards -- the face you see in the back is our district leader Elder Fabian who just got transferred. :( He is really funny and a good leader and missionary! 3.) Me with the city of Sorocaba behind me. We were up at one of the farthest and definitely the highest up neighborhoods in our area! I love being up there because the view is BEAUTIFUL! Good thing the majority of our investigators live up in those neighborhoods!
Love you all so much and I hope you are doing well! You are in my prayers!!
Sister Knudsen

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