Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello hello......

Hello my loves!
Guess what?! I get to call you next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just thought I would bring that up real fast...its in like 4 weeks! The 9th, I believe. Can´t wait!!
So this week has been a big battle against Satan...You just don't understand his power until you are trying to help people find the RIGHT path and you see his hand working as hard as possible to stop people from progressing. The main experience was a mom and her two daughters who we are teaching. I think I have mentioned them already. The daughter is a friend of a boy in our ward and he referred her to us. The first day we taught the mom said we were an answer to her prayers and we set a baptismal date with them right then. The most important thing an investigator needs to do is get to church. They have to come at least twice before they can be baptized usually. We confirmed for them to come to conference and then they didnt...still don't know exactly why. Then we confirmed even more assuredly for them to come this past Sunday to church. They were 100% on board when we left their house Saturday afternoon. But then a few hours later the older daughter called and told us she wanted to wait until next week. She goes to a different church and wanted to go there first and tell them that she would be visiting our church the next week. We didnt feel good about that at all. The chances of her church leaders being fine and dandy about her visiting another church didnt seem good, and there is always enough people to go around who have anti-mormon literature or something to pass. Plus, its super easy for people to put off going to church made us SO sad. Even worse was that she told us none of them were coming now. We tried to offer a ride for her mom and sister if that was the problem since they only have one car, but she said they would just come next week.
That is the hardest part of the work. People are feeling the spirit and getting closer and closer to being members of Christ´s Restored Church and then Satan puts every excuse possible into their heads. The whole plan is based off of agency so we respect their decisions completely...but it doesn´t change the fact that we will be completely devastated when they falter. Its hard. I have so much love for them and its not that I just want to ´win´people over to my church...I want to bring them unto the them feel the amazing love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them. Help them chose to be baptised with the authority of God and serve him and endure to the end so they can have eternal life! I just want them to realize that and go forward with the amazing feelings of the spirit they have already felt.
So yeah, that's been on my mind. Everyday I am trying more and more to be more obedient, more faithful, more Christlike, so that we can work miracles in the lives of the great people we are meeting. Satan has power, but none near as much as God. If we work with God´s eternal laws, we can bring about miracles. He wants them to come home to Him. The power of his love is more than anything Satan can throw, so I just have to keep testifying and bringing the Spirit so they can make the decision to follow what is right and true.
That being said, I am so excited for this work still. We had other investigators at church that are doing well and we are working hard with them! I have faith that we can baptize this transfer. I know this is God´s kingdom on the earth...I have no doubts. It is amazing to be here as a representative of Christ. I love him with all my heart and I hope that I am a worthy servant.
I love you all and I am so grateful for your support and examples!
Sister Knudsen

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  1. I have checked this blog at least once a day every day since she left. I would love an update, because I'm starting to feel a little crazy. :)