Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So much to say!

Okay, so I realized that I never wrote about a bunch of things, so here is a catch up and other interesting facts email!

First off, I got my package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was perfect! I love the shirts, they are SO cute! And the chocolate amazing. And did I tell you guys that they dont have canned green beans here? Or did you just know?! Because I have been searching for them and wanting them really badly! I am soooooo excited to eat them! haha!! Thank you so much. Who knew a girl could get so excited about canned green beans, right?! I love them!

Did I ever tell you about the workshop we did with the stake?! It was on the 28th of March and it was awesome! We have really good Zone Leaders (Elder Gratil and Elder J. Silva) who organized the workshop with the Stake. It was about how the members can work more with missionary work. We have 3 sections that were 20 minutes each and 2 companionships per section. Our part was about little invites and we used the Reeses that I received from a little package from my friend Samantha as an object lesson. We started with the Elders eating a Reeses each and making a lot of noise about how amazing and delicious they are. Then we asked how many in the audience wanted one. They all did. Then the Elders said a lot of excuses as to why they wouldn´t offer it to people (its too hard, they might not like it, they might already have something else, etc) Then we explained that we have something that everyone else wants, even if they dont realize it right now: eternal life/eternal happiness. We put a Reeses up high on the wall and had a short member come up and try to get it. She obviously couldn´t so then we pulled out a ladder and talked about how for a lot of people an invite for baptism from their neighbor might be a hugh step that they will automatically reject. But if we invite step by step we can help our friends and neighbors realize the church of Jesus Christ is restored and we have the authority to baptize and seal on earth what will then be sealed in heaven. The steps could start with an invite for dinner where you bless the food. You could invite the missionaries too, just so they can see them and probably ask questions about why they are there and why they have a black plack on, etc. Then maybe you invite them to a family home evening or church activity. Then to church, then to listen to a message from the missionaries, etc. There are a lot of little steps you can take, but if you personalize it to the specific person and pray about it, you can know what steps you can take to help those around you soften their hearts to the message. We also applied it to the members who are asking...for them asking their friend to church is a huge step they dont want to take they need to make steps for themselves that help them accomplish the overall goal of missionary work and of bringing their friends unto Christ. It went really well!

Other news: The past Monday and Tuesday we did splits with the other sisters in our zone. I went to their area with Sister Ribeiro, and Sister Winters stayed in our area with Sister Tarssia (both Brasilians)!! It was a good experience and I realized I have A LONG way to go still. They both teach really well and are very bold and insistent, but not in a bad way. I realized I really need to do better being bold because its a very serious matter. We are offering salvation. I´m a people pleaser...we all know its hard for me to not just say √≥kay...thanks anyway´ when someone says they already have their religion/path/whatever. But I need to help them realized that there is only One path...One true church or Jesus Christ. They have a loving Heavenly Father with a beautiful plan and they need to know it!

I am happy and healthy and all that jazz, but please pray for me that I can be bolder and learn my scriptures better! I want to be a missionary that Ammon or Alma and use the power and authority I have been set apart with.

Love you all so much!

Sister Knudsen

(Ill send pics next week!)

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