Wednesday, March 31, 2010


First I have to say that it was my beautiful companion, Sister Winters´ birthday last tuesday and I forgot to mention that in my email! Just so everyone knows, she is amazing and I love her!
We had a fun party last week on Pday with our zone. We played volleyball, monopoly deal, and had chocolate brownies and fun times! I also tried my first Açaí! Its a fruit that is amazing and its in icee/milkshake form when you buy it. I had it with granola and bananas and I LOVED good!

Update on the work--Here's the email I sent to President:
We had a good week! We are struggling getting investigators to church though. Everyone seems to be traveling ALL the time or other things come up. We did have a family this last weekend though. The mom hadn´t wanted to come but then I think she liked it most of everyone! It was her, her husband, and their son who is already grown up (about 26 years old). I think they liked it, but we stopped by again after wards and just as we got their, her niece and niece´s family showed up so she told us this week wouldn't work since they were going to have family in town. We dropped off an invite for conference though, so we will see.

Also, last week we contacted a reference of a young boy in our ward. Its a friend of his, Sarah, and her mom, Selena. The first lesson went really well with them and they accepted baptismal dates. The next time we went (this week), the other daughter, Andrea, was there too so we taught her too. Last time we went we taught the Word of Wisdom and they already keep it! They don't even drink coffee! It was awesome! We talked to the daughter a lot about authority too because she was already baptized evangelical, but she seemed interested in finding out for her self if she needs to be baptized again. I hope she prays!

We have a lot of people we are teaching who have so much potential. One lady and her son are progressing well, but she still doesn´t want to set a baptismal date. She bore her testimony to her family (siblings and mom) the other day without even being asked when we taught them all together, but she still said she needs more time to think. We have high hopes for her though and are saying lots of prayers on her behalf. She is going to come to conference, so I hope something there can help her make the decision!
Mom, the man I told you about in the email I sent is this last woman´s brother in law. I am hoping we can eventually teach a lot of her family. She has I think 6 sisters and 2 brothers. I love them all! Oh and this woman is the one I talked about in my last email too about the son who let us in. Its all very miraculous! I love it!
The mission is amazing. We have ups and downs, but the ups make everything else absolutely worth it! I love my Heavenly Father and Savior SO MUCH. And I am sooooooooooo excited for conference this weekend!! I get to watch it in English thank goodness so I will get a lot more out of it!!
I am sending pics so I hope they work...sorry no descriptions yet!
Love you so much!!
Sister Knudsen

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