Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pictures I hope!!


So I´m trying to send pictures but that means I might not be able to write a lot if its slow and takes the rest of the I´m just going to say a few things really fast:

The Atonement is amazing and we all need to take more time thinking about the amazing plan God has for us. It is COMPLETELY 100% about love. He loves us so much and He sent His Son Jesus Christ to suffer for us, so that we can become like God and have joy forever with them and our families. Its amazing. I am so deeply humbled when I take the time to really think about this. I need to think about it more though, and not get distracted by all the phsical day to day things. If I could fully understand the Atonement and the Love they have for us, I would have a lot more power and convicition in my teaching. But everyday we learn more and more, right?!

Here is the letter I sent to my president for a little more update about the cute family with the little handicapped boy and another woman we taught:

[[[[[Dear President,

The family is still doing good, but they went through a phase of being really busy and not letting us come back. We went back and told them we know they are busy, but that the day we met them was definitely a miracle and that our purpose here is important. We told them we will be coming back and teaching them in short lessons since they don´t have a lot of time. It is hard because the mom teaches english classes in her home and doesn´t have a regular schedule with her students so she never reallys knows when she will have a class. Once we talked to her about how important the gospel is and how we don´t want to put it off, they were more understanding. We have gone back pretty frequently since then, but they haven´t been home every time. We will keep trying though. They are a very special family!

We taught a woman a couple days ago where everything she said led into the next principle we wanted to teach. It was so perfect! She has been to many different churches but doesn´t agree with a lot of their doctrines or customs, so she hasn´t been baptized in any church yet. She is excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray. We are going back tomorrow to follow up with her. I keep praying for all our investigators that they will have the faith and open heart to receive the response God is so ready and willing to give to us.

I feel like its really hard to express myself in portuguese still, but Sister Winters and I are talking more in portuguese and I´m trying to trust in the Lord more that if I open my mouth, the Spirit will take over. Its a process, but I´m learning!]]]]]

I think it only attached one...of all of us that received our visas within two days of each trying to send more. it takes forever!! next week! sorry!


Sister Knudsen

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