Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I will explain in more detail when I get home, but on Sunday we had
3 baptisms...

Carmelino, Susana, and their 9 year old daughter, Karen.

It was an amazing week!! Thursday we were on splits because Sister
Rieke who use to be in my zone in Osasco wanted to see me once more so
she came out to our area and we worked the day together. We hadn't
planned on going to Carmelinos but I felt like we needed to go all day
long so we went. When we got their he was excited to tell us that he
had received his answer and that he knew the church was
true!!!!!!!!!!! SO AMAZING. It was a very emotional and spiritual
night so we started planning the baptism for Sunday. There were a
bunch of crazy things that happened to stop the baptisms, but in the
end, it ALL worked out!!! The only set back being that the 8 year old,
Karoline, would have been baptized but she got so scared of the water
thinking she would be drowned, that she wouldn't enter no matter what
anyone said. haha. So she will have to overcome that fear and be
baptized still. The poor thing.

It was an amazing way to end the mission and what made it better was
that Juarez and Simone came to the baptism and are very excited to be
baptized as well when the wedding gets marked!

Last night the ward threw me a surprise going away party. I had no
idea!! It was awesome. Very nice to be able to say goodbye to the
ward since Sunday with the baptism made it hard to talk to everyone.

Well the rest you will hear in person...ATÉ LOGO!!!!!!!!!

Sister Knudsen

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