Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Elder Andersen.......

Hello my wonderful Family and Friends!!

This week was quite amazing!!

Lets start with the most important part:

On Saturday morning we were able to have an awesome conference with
Elder Neil L. Andersen, and his sweet wife!!! She is so awesome, by
the way. She is this cute little woman with a super soft voice but
her testimony is powerful and she has a great love of the gospel!

I want to bear my testimony that Thomas S Monson, the First
Presidency, and the Quorum of the 12 Apostles are men called of God.
They hold the keys of the priesthood and communicate directly with
God. Of this I am sure.

The spirit that fills the room when an Apostle of Jesus Christ enters
is incredible.

His words to us were perfect. He joked around, he asked and answered
questions, he laughed, he bore bold, powerful testimony, he showed how
much he loves the Lord, the Prophet, and each one of us. He taught us
what it means to be an instrument in the Lord´s hand. We are all
capable of many miracles as we align our lives with the Lord´s.

It was great to see everyone at the Conferene but they didnt give us
much time to sit and chat so it was just a lot of quick hellos!! But I
was able to meet Sister Adamson who is the sister Sister Felipe is
training. Sister Felipe had said we are a lot alike, but I didnt
realize we would look so much a like too!! Like Avó like Neta!! We
took our 3 generations picture!! That made me happy!!

I also saw Sister Santos and arranged with her our visit to Osasco.
On the Tuesday before we go home we are going to go into Osasco
together and visit everyone. Its going to be great!!

We are teaching some awesome people right now. Pray for them please!!
Regilaine; Luciano; Carmelino, Susana and their kids; Jaqueline & Bia,

The Pictures:

Taco soup at Richelle´s house! Finally some good american mexican food!!!

Brownies with ice cream, cashews all crunched up, and chocolate
sauce...oh yeah!!

Generations!!! Me, Sister Felipe, and Sister Adamson!! (Sister
Adamson is from a coastal city in Oregon, not too far from Newport!!
She was recently studying music at BYU-Idaho)

My new friend Elder Rolfe who is from Rigby Idaho! I told him that
thanks to my ancestors he has a place to live! hahahaha! He is
hilarious!! He likes to pull out his best hick accent to make us all

Getting ice cream with the Zone Leaders real quick after Conference
on Saturday!

Ice Cream continued...Good times!

Love you all very very much!!!

Happy Mothers Day next Sunday!!!!!!!!!

Sister Knudsen

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