Monday, April 18, 2011

One more week gone.....

This week the Lord´s thoughts were not our thoughts! We worked all
week on a few people we are hoping to baptize soon, but then Sunday
arrived and none of them went to church. At first I was sad a little
discouraged, but I knew I couldn't stay that way so I focused on the
blessings. A family we contacted on Friday said they would go to
church, so we called them Sunday morning to confirm and they said they
really would come! They showed up and LOVED church. They are from the
"Congregação Cristã" but the lesson about the Church of Jesus Christ
Today was really good and they believe that this church really could
be true. They are going to pray about it. We also had a surprise
visitor!! A girl in our ward brought a friend and we marked with her
to teach her tonight. She seems really interested and elect!!

So even though what we wanted to happen didn't happen, the Lord had
other plans and blessings in store for us. He truly loves His
children and knows what is best!

I will give more details next week, I had to organize some photos to
send to recent converts in Osasco so that took up some time but know
that I love you all so much!!

Sister Knudsen

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