Sunday, April 3, 2011

More pictures! Hooray!!!

Zone Conference. Sister Steinbeigle and I. She is going home on
April 6. I will miss her dearly. She is a great example to me!!

Some of the sisters with Sister Cooley and the Assistents. The one
of the far right is Elder Matthews. He was Sister Felipe and my zone
leader in Osasco before he turned Assistent. He is awesome and we are
grateful for our nice connection with the Assistents...good for
getting inside information. hahaha!

Package from Sam and Amanda. That was me pulling out all the
little candies and putting them on my desk until it turned into a huge
mountain of sugar!

Arranged nicely by Sister White for a more organized shot! I had
forgotten about oreos....we took one of the packages to general
conference and shared them with a girl named Bruna who speaks english
and was listening to conf. in english with us, and with the elders
that share the chapel with us. They were a big hit!! We even bought
pasterized milk from the bakery to dip them in. I´d seen the milk
before but this was the first time I bought it...its almost like
American milk! Almost...but close enough for delicious wettened

Zone Conference on Friday was fabulous. We are focusing more on
really have Faith and in trusting the recipe for success in Alma

We are also going to make our Baptismal services more special and help
our investigators invite their family and friends to their baptisms,
so they can feel the spirit and become investigators too!!

I love President Cooley and Sister Cooley. I am SO pleased by the
fact that we live to close to one another and that I can continue
learning from them after the mission!!

General Conference was incredible like always!! The whole time I
thought about our investigators and how the words were so perfect for
them!! Of course, I also learned a lot of things that I need to be
applying in my own life too!! Pretty sure that talk about accepting
correction was exactly for me...I have such a hard time with that!
Pride is the worst thing ever...I pray everyday for help to not be

Elder Scott is the cutest man...his talk was super special. I want to
have a marriage like him and his wife have. One day!!

Elder Holland = Iron Fist
He actually didn´t "burn" too much but he brough the spirit so
strongly as always. He has a way with words...He is amazing.

President wonderful! I just love him! His life story is
amazing. If you havent watched On the Lord´s Errand, Watch it. He is
a man of God and it shows in the life he has lived!

Love you all so dearly!!

Sister Knudsen

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