Monday, March 14, 2011


Sister White and I....yea yea her name is White and she is
Black...she´s already heard that one a million times! hahahaha! She is
a crack up....LOVE HER!

New Area!!! Pretty sunset...I will take more pictures of the
beautiful greenery here and send them later!

Back in the Osasco days:
Karol´s awesome miracle baptism!!

The famous fish face! I do a horrible job with it!

The infamous zone pictures at the last district meeting before
transfers. That would be Sister Felipe falling onto an Elder as she
ran to sit in the picture....She is always caught doing something
inappropriate in photos...gotta love it!

Amanda and Vanessa, our soul sisters!

Saying Bye to Maria, Alteíris and Mariana!

Playing around at a members house...Had to help our digestion in
order to eat dessert!!

So I am still LOVING the new area!! We have a great member, Maria
Lucia, and her two kids that help us a ton with the work. Yesterday
she took us around her neighborhood to a bunch of houses and gave a
bunch of references!! We had a really cool lesson and set a baptismal
date with her friend, Rosângela! With her help, I think we´ll baptize
her whole neighborhood! Awesome!

Sister White is pretty much amazing. We laugh all the time together!

Oh and there is an American family in our ward! That is cool! They
moved here about 2 months ago for his work. They are starting to
learn a little Portuguese but are SO HAPPY to have 2 American sisters
in the ward now! haha! They are awesome!! Their last name is Bishop
and they are from St. Louis!

Love you guys so much!! I hope you like the pictures!!

Sister Knudsen

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