Monday, March 28, 2011

PIctures of the apartment.....

Well our apartment has a few....problems. Its a good place but it has
lots of material for good stories!!

For example...
This was in the morning...a small creation beginning to grow.
What is it exactly? Hmm...

That night....its grown a bit...he´s getting bigger Little Bobbie!

The next night....Full Grown and ready to be eaten! That´s
right...that would be our little MUSHROOM baby!!! He is growing out
of the broken bottom part of our door frame where inside is quite
nasty and humidly wet. Gooooood times!!

Today we had an awesome Zone Activity. This Brother has a pizza
oven and made us some amazing pizzas today.

We are all sweaty and gross because we played a
dodgeball like game at the chapel beforehand. Good stuff.

Thats the sign of a super full stomach...I ate 5 pieces of
Brazilian pizza and 2 slices of dessert pizza....yeah. Full and quite

You got to stuff yourself sometimes...its healthy. ;)

Love you guys!!

Sister Knudsen

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