Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I think I told you guys about the fun rain adventure we had after Policia Federal and meeting the apostles. This is a picture of us soaking wet after we finally made it to the right bus stop (this was after we walked against traffic on the freeway...good times!)

Brazilian Pay phone booths! It looks like a helmet! They are great! This isnt the exact one, but I used one just like it in front of our apartment when I called you on Saturday night!!

HOLY AVOCADO! Look how big they are here! I think they are a tad bit sweeter too. Mom and Andy, you would be in Heaven here with me with these big avocados! Just one makes more guacamole than 4-5 of ours in the United States and they are pretty inside...I havent seen one yet that has so much gross stringy yuckiness as a lot of the ones we have to deal with. Do you think avocados would travel well when I come home...?

We had a zone activity 2 P-days ago and after the activity we got milkshakes. Elder Gratil bought pistacchio in the largest size possible...which was a big mistake because it was GROSS! So then he had to get the taste out of his he went and bought another one and asked for the smallest/cheapest one. This was the result. Everyone was laughing because of how tiny it is!!

This is a little path through the field in front of our apartment complex. It was a pretty sunset as we walked home through it so we thought we should take some quaint photos!

THANKS AMANDA!! Amanda sent me a lemon poppyseed muffin package so my companion and I made them into pancakes! Delicious as always! I wouldnt mind a few more of those packets...hint hint. ;) Sister Winters mom had sent her maple flavor so we made syrup and everything! It was perfect!

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