Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An AMAZING story!!

Okay so on to the other amazing news about Saturday...

Miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are having a baptism this Saturday! We have been praying to have a baptism this transfer even though we didnt know how it would happen, but a 17 year old girl, Jessica, who we have been teaching with her mom, Mariza, told us on Sunday night that she wants to be baptised!!!! She said this Saturday would be perfect! She is so excited and her mom is too. Just a few days ago when we invited them to be baptized yet again, Mariza responded that she just isnt ready yet and neither is her daughter. The Lord works wonders though because all the sudden Jessica is ready and Mariza is completely supportive!! We fasted yesterday and today that when we arrive on Thursday for the interview that Mariza will have had a change of heart and decided to be baptized with her daughter. We will just have to see what the will of the Lord is. But yes, we are finally seeing a baptism in this area! I am so excited and so grateful to the Lord for his tender mercies!

It is seriously a miracle...this week has been full of miracles!

The other miracle was this past Sunday. While Sister Winters and I waited in the front of the chapel for an investigator, a woman pulled up and told us she wanted to visit the church and asked if she could. We told her that of course she could!! So she parked and came up to us and asked her she could ask her questions too...we told her we could answer her questions! She also asked if all members talked funny like us...but we assured her that we are the only 2 americans with funny accents there! haha!! So she came to church with us and told us that she had a dream where a childhood friend who passed away not too long ago was there and asked her if she wanted to be friends for eternity. She said yes in the dream and he showed her our church (or maybe the temple) and told her to go there. When she woke up the word eternity really stuck with her so she looked up the church on the internet and saw Sealed for Eternity. She felt a peace and understanding with that word. She loved church and our Principles of the Gospel teacher (who is AMAZING! I love her!! )) answered her other questions and bore a powerful testimony about temples and the gospel and we all cried and it was amazing!! Unfortunately, this woman doesnt live in our area but we got her phone number and passed it to the Elders in her area. She is definitely an Elect...and I am so grateful I got to meet her and feel of her Spirit. It was an amazing day...and it was that day too that Jessica told us she wanted to be baptized. Talk about a good Sunday on the mission!!

So yes, life is good, my testimony is as strong as ever, and I love the Lord with all my heart!!

Love you so much!!!

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