Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First email from Brazil!

It has been a CRAZY week and a half! So much excitement and change. I could probably write a novel about everything, but that would takes days! PS: I get one hour now for internet, but part of that is for writing my mission President my weekly report so I have just a few minutes more than before. I´ll take it!

So I got to talk to most of you on the phone! That was AMAZING! I tried calling Devin, but none of the pay phones would take my coins. Then Elder Lew let me use his phone card but it ended up having insufficient funds for the call. :( But Devin, know that I was trying and I´m really sad I couldn´t talk to you. I love you!! Happy Birthday passed!

Hailey, did you get my message? I hope you liked it! How was your birthday?! love you!!!!!!!!!!

So, on the plane over here, Elder Edlund and I talked to a really awesome Brazilian man just a little older than us and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! It was great!

So luckily I saved that much because my email was deleted! I don't know how and so I have to rewrite the rest really fast!

Anyway, I am just going to skip to what is most important...

I am in Sorocaba and it's in the interior. My companion is Sister Winters from CA. She is cousins to our friends the Winters from Chandler! Small world! Our ward and area is Progresso and it was closed for 2 months because of lack of missionaries so we are opening it...ahh! Anyway, our apartment was trashed when we got here with a broken and window and toilet and other bad things so it was an adventurous beginning to the mission. But after a hard week with almost complete rejection, we had 4 miracles yesterday right at the end of the day. the best one was the family we were led to where they have a special needs boy they ADOPTED when we was little. Their only son. He is precious and the moment I saw him I started to bawl....because he reminded me of Erik...and it was crazy and amazing! We are going to start teaching them and they are so ready and I am so happy!

There is so much more but that is the most amazing part! The members here are amazing too and I love them and my companion!

Sister Knudsen


  1. Yay she's in Brazil! Too bad her email was deleted, I would have loved to hear more about it. Please post her address when you can, I would like to send a little note to her. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. That is so awesome that she is in Brazil!!!call all of you before she got there. Sounds like things are going well and she is happy to be there, yeah for Sister Knudsen!