Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brazil is beautiful!!! (and Erin's new address!)

I have definitely found a purpose here. We have now found 3 families that have special needs children. The first is the one I told you about already. They are doing really well. We have stopped by their house about 4 times now and taught little pieces of the lessons. The mom said she read 3 Ne 11 that we left with her and wants to talk to us about baptism. The second lesson we taught we invited them to be baptized, and the dad talked to us about how they had visited the church and he´d been overwhelmed with information. They have a really really close friend who is an amazing member and has been such a good example to them --she is in the other ward, not ours-- but they came with her and some of the people took him on a little tour and told him a lot of stuff about the gospel, etc. I think it was just overload so he is hesitant to move fast. So we hadn´t brought up baptism again since we wanted to help them understand everything and build their faith up, but she brought it up on her own right before we were leaving and wants to talk to us about it next time. They are such a special family. An amazing example to me! I told the mom the other day that she reminds me of my mom (Yes Mama, YOU!) because she is so selfless and loving! The way she takes care of her son is just like how you are always so willing to give your all to us, your kids, and to our special little Erik!

The other 2 families: The second woman was out in the street in front of her house with some other family members and her son who was in a wheelchair and we contacted her. She wasn´t interested at first, but after we talked a little bit and I showed her the picture of my family with Erik, she said we could stop by sometime if we wanted. We went by the other day and she said she was too busy, but we are hopeful that she will let us in one day.

The third was yesterday. We were knocking doors in this neighborhood thats one of our farthest in our area as we headed to an appointment we had out there, and the first person we see is this little boy run out the front door completely naked! haha! Its was so funny! Then the mother came out and we told her who we are and a little about out message. We usually ask if we can share our message with them and their family but IF they say yes they usually want us to just share it really fast with them right where we are standing. So she wanted us to just say it right there. I had just done one where I just started talking and didn´t really breath and it was really terrible. I'm not really use to it yet because most people say no! But anyway, because I had just done that and Sister Winters and I had laughed about it and I had talked about how I need to remember that its still a lesson and get to know them and ask questions, etc still...I started the message and then asked her what blessings she has in her life. She told us that her son is Autistic and that she has really been doubting God because she doesn´t understand why children have disabilities. She is really worried about her son´s future and how he won´t be able to get married and have a normal life, etc. She told us she has been really struggling and her mom who is catholic keeps telling her to have faith and that it will all be okay. I told her that I think we are answers to her prayers and there to help her figure everything out (not in those words though because i dont know how to say that in Portuguese...but that is the jist(gist?)!) Anyway, she said she feels like she really needs religion right now but just doesn´t feel like she has faith. We are going to go back next week to talk with her more. Pray for us to have the spririt and to know what we need to say!

So I need to wrap up now. I´m sorry I can´t write to each of you more personally. I love you very much!

Oh, and my Pday is Wednesday now which I'm sure you have already realized!

Anyway, that's all! I was going to send pics but I don´t have time again because apparently it takes forever to upload them to computers and I´d rather write...but i will figure out a way to do it!

My testimony grows each day here and I hope yours are too. This is the one and only church with the COMPLETE GOSPEL. I am soooo grateful to be a member and so have this knowledge!

I love you all!

Sister Erin Knudsen

Ok and also here is Erin's new address!! It was listed on the bookmark's she gave away before she left. I was just thinking there would be a more direct address to send to, but this is it. Both letters and packages can be sent here.

Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission
Rua Dr. Rui Bastista Pereira, 165
Jardim Caxingui
05517-080 Sao Paulo-SP

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  1. Thanks for the address. It's amazing to hear how things just work out for the missionaries. Thanks for posting. :)