Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still no visa!!!

In Visa news: 10 visas came this week. 2 Monday and 8 on Tuesday. No one I knew very well. The 8 that came in went to NEW missionaries! Ugh! haha! I am happy for them, but it is a little hard to see visas come to missionaries who just here! 4 of them were in my teacher, Irmao Smith's, new district. They are going to the same mission as Sister Hanson so she isn't too happy. haha! Two other missionaries got reassigned yesterday: Elder Dalton is going to Maryland Baltimore mission, and Sister Kempton (who is from Mesa and is AMAZING!!) is going to Arkansas. We also found out that our first district leader, Elder Handy, who was sick when he flew out and so ended up in Dallas serving there for a transfer has been permanently reassigned there as oer the Prophet's request! Pres. Monson sent his parent's a personalized letter about it from what we hear! So that is kind of crazy! He is having mixed feelings about it, but it must be what is right!

So we became Mega District on Tuesday! We cleaned out our classroom and moved into 1M (the main building where the front desk, administrative offices, cafeteria and chapels are). There are 9 smaller chapels along the back on the building and there are 2 Brazil bound districts in each one! We are with our adopted district so that is fun, but it is VERY interesting having MDT time always! We have to plan VERY specifically so we can be productive.

We have been skyping A LOT with the teachers in Brazil so that is really good for us! Our teacher we talk with most is Irmao Diniz and he is AMAZING! I am so grateful that I get to be taught by and teach him even though I am not going to be in the CTM in Brazil. He has a great personality! We have been doing a progressive investigator with him and it has been an incredible experience! He served in Sao Paulo North too, so he has good info for me too! And I might be able to stop by the CTM sometime to really meet him, since its in my area. We shall see!

Well I have to go now, but I hope you know I adore each and every one of you so much! Dad, Mom, Andrea, Devin, Andin, Cambria, Ashley, Erik, and Hailey! (And Amanda and all the blog followers!) You all mean the world to me!!


Sister Erin Knudsen

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