Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Isn't it fun that my P-day is on all the Holidays?! I think so.

There weren't any fun festivities for New Years like we hoped, but after such an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas, we can't complain! We still had to be in bed at 10:30 last night and wake up at 6:30 this morning. Thus is the life of a missionary! ;)

I have a hilarious story for you all. One of our friends in our adopted district, Elder Lunceford, is full of great stories. Here is the latest one to have us rolling with laugther at lunch time.

He started the story because someone asked him if he'd broken any bones. He replied that he had broken his hip in a a few places and both his wrists...at the same time! And the "The Other Guy" (?) had broken his ankle.

We said, "okay..." Well...He explained:

When E.L. was a child he lived in an apartment complex that had a lot of big trees in the front. Him and his buddies would often climb up the trees. One day they were race-climbing and he doesn't remember what happened but he was told that he lost his grip and fell from the top of the tree onto the ground, first hitting his hip hard, and the trying to brace himself with his hands which broke both of his wrists. (OUCH!)

But thats not all. "The Other Guy" was his friends Dad who lived on the second floor of the apartment complex. While seeing his young child's friend falling from the tree he thought, "I must catch him!" So he jumped from the second floor balcony...

When E.L. woke up, "The Other Guy" said, "Don't move!!" E.L. saw that his friend's dad was laying beside him and asked..."What happened to you?!" He replied, "I broke my ankle."

Please enjoy this story as much as I did. It is HILARIOUS.

Anyway...moving on...

On Monday and Tuesday a total of 60 visas came in for random people. Most of them were mega-district (over 9 weeks) Elders and Sisters but 5 were for people my same week (My District Leader Elder Roberts and 4 Elders from our adopted district, Elders Bagley, Jensen, Beidelman, and Wengel). They left Tuesday morning much to our dismay (and excitement for them of course...). We miss them dearly! Playing volleyball without them just isn't the same!

Sister Riggs and I have set a goal to receive our visas on Monday though. This isn't just wishful thinking. We have been praying and will be fasting on Sunday for the cause. We started packing today as well. We feel very at peace with the decision. There is a great talk called "But If Not" by Dennis E Simmons, that talks about having "But If Not" Faith. This means, we do everything in our power and we pray and we go forward with what we think is right, and even if what we want to happen doesn't happen, we have faith that it is part of God's bigger and better (than our own) plan and that everything will work out for our good. This is the direction we are taking. If we didn't pray, fast, start packing, what faith would we be showing? But with these actions, we want to show are Heavenly Father that we are ready to be his servants in Brazil. "But If Not" we will stay here a few more weeks, get reassigned, whatever the case. We will do His will. It feels GREAT!

I don't know if I have told you much about the RC (Referral Center) but we get to make calls to confirm delivery of movies, books of mormon, missionary visit requests, etc. and also answer incoming calls or chats from pass along cards or mormon.org etc. It was a bit scary at first, but I have gotten better at it. I had an amazing experience with it last week though! I don't have time for a lot of detail, but I called a woman who ended up being one of the sweetest and most stubborn woman I have ever met!!!!! I LOVE HER!! I talked to her for about 15 minutes or so and invited her to have a Book of Mormon about 5 times and missionaries probably 3-4 times. She refused every offer saying she was happy to have her Bible which she LOVES. I bore testimony of many principles and she would say "I believe you" but still refuse my offer. It made me laugh and cry....because I love her so much from our conversation and wanted her so badly to accept, and yet I was amused by her responses. She did say I could call her back, so I am going to try again this week. I hope I can get her to accept a Book of Mormon...she needs it!

Anyway, I've got 10 seconds left so I need to go before the box closes on me!

I am doing well and I love you all!


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