Sunday, December 13, 2009

We love P day!!

Today is my one-month anniversary at the MTC! CRAZY! Time has flown by!! Did I say something similar to that in my last email?! I apologize if so...but time really does disappear here! It's insane!

Being the one-month mark, today is the day we stop talking in english in our classes! We also start teaching our TRC lessons completely in Portuguese! Up until now, we have had a 15 minute segment in the beginning where we do an activity in Portuguese (like a street contact, or getting to know someone, and then come back and teach in english.) Nao Mais! Its all Portuguese from here on out!

I love the Portuguese language! I still cannot make the nasal sound (correctly, that is) but besides that, it's going good! The grammar rules are complicated, but I'm trying to get them down! I am pretty sure its going to pick up and really sky-rocket now that we are stopping the english. I haven't been practicing enough, but I have a new goal to really hit it hard since it is MUITO IMPORTANTE!

The teaching is going well too! I love teaching the gospel....just have to say that! And I hope I can continue to learn more about it and have the Spirit with me more constantly in my life!

Other Randomness: I have a cold right now. Its lame! But I am SO grateful its not swine flu, so all is well!

I love love love my companion, district, our adopted district, our new roommate Sis Hansen, and my teachers. They are so much fun and are teaching me so much!


Sister Knudsen

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