Friday, December 4, 2009

Apparentely I email Erin a little too often.....

This email was titled: Bom Dia! (Good Morning!)

Its not actually morning, but I wanted to say enjoy!! It literally means Good Day so it works!

Okay, so I only have 15 minutes to write since I had to read all of Andrea's emails (HAHAHA JK I LOVE LOVE LOVED ALL OF THEM!)

But I will try to write a handwritten letter with more personal and exciting news and just give you some updates on clothes and other news right now.

Everyone who hadn't gotten the swine flu shot had to get them yesterday to I am now "immune!" I was really trying to avoid that shot but when it becomes a rule here at the MTC with so many people in quarantine, I guess I can oblige them!

My poor friend Sister Jenny Bullock from my single's ward had to be quarantine last week! It was so sad! I was wondering why I wasn't seeing her around and then as my companions and I walked past the door of the sister's quarantine she came to the window and told me her sad tale! Luckily she is out now and I saw her at lunch. She was as bright, beautiful, and happy as ever!

I forgot to tell you guys that the first day I got here Laura got to be my host sister! It was so meant to be! They took me to the check in place to get me a host sister and she had just got there to get a new sister when I walked in! We got very excited and she said "This is my cousin, I'm taking her!" It was great! We see eachother around pretty often and have had a few chances to sit and chat about our lives, so that is good! We took a picture, which I will send via mail as soon as possible....see #5: (I think that is so cool, we miss Laura so much too!!)

I am SO SO SO sorry you haven't gotten pictures from me yet! I don't know why or what is going on, but none of the computers are allowing us to email pictures (or open them so I didn't get to see any of the ones you sent :( ) so I am going to send hard copies soon. Every time we have gone into the bookstore to print pictures the machines have been broken or with SUPER LONG lines, so I still haven't printed any. Hopefully tomorrow!

Okay, only have a minute left so I'll write the rest in my written letter!

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! I'm glad your thanksgiving was so good!!

Sister Erin Knudsen

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