Friday, November 20, 2009

Another email and visa information....

So the past week has still been busy (I don't think that will be changing any time soon!) but we have a set schedule now so that is nice for planning! Planning Planning Planning! That is so important here! I hope I can keep these good habits when I get home because they really help make life more productive!

So a few updates on the Brazil Visa issues: When I got here I found out that the problem is in the Brazilian consolates (sp?). A lot of them are really backed up so that is what is keeping us from getting through. L.A., Salt Lake, Texas, and many others are having major issues, so we just have to wait and hope they get to them soon. My companion Sister Kessler was told that her Visa did go through and didn't have any problems, but there weren't enough missionaries with visas to send to the MTC in Brazil, so she was sent here with us. A District of Elders who just reached their 9 week mark still hadn't gotten theres last week, so they got sent to Tennesee and Georgia missions for the time being! Crazy! They are telling us to assume we will be in Provo for the full 9 weeks. There is some talk that most issues will be resolved in the middle of December, but we aren't counting to count on it.

The more we learn, the more ready I am to teach in english...I'm so excited to do it! I am definitely not great at it yet, but I feel the importance of the work and so I want to share it! So I think I would be okay in some ways to go somewhere stateside if I needed to. It seems crazy that I have to learn how to teach AND learn how to teach it in PORTUGUESE, but I'm sure its all going to be coming together more soon...

That being said....I really hope we get to Brazil soon! I really wanted to go the Campinas temple and if I'm not at the MTC there at all I won't get to. That really isn't a huge deal, but I was excited about it!

Agg...No time...I will hopefully give you a better more informative email next week!!


  1. Erin we miss you! WE are so excited that you have not one great companion, but two! It sounds like things are going very well. It's crazy to think that you won't read this for 18 months. It like a time capsule. I wonder if we can tell the future...

  2. Que legal para voce, deve comer tudo possivel no CTM por que depoise, ja era! Nunca sabe quando o proximo almoca boa seria seu ultimo. Claro depende na sua area mas muito vezes eu passe comfome.

    Nao se precupe muito com falando a lingua perfeta quando chega o tempo para sair do CTM. Maioria dos missionarios apprenderam falar depoise as 2-4 meses no campo.

    Boa sorte Sister Knudson! Bebendo guarana cada dia, que sorte!

    com amor
    Familia Myers

  3. I love being able to read about your awesome experiences and feel your testimony as you bear it. We're excited for you to get to Brazil!