Thursday, February 3, 2011

New photos!!!

The chapel that is being built here! We went there and the workers
and security guard gave us a tour and we started teaching them. They
are awesome but I will talk more about them next week!


The baptism!!! Silvana, Raquel, Henrique, and José Quirino! LOVE THEM!!!

The awesome Brazilian flag that José Quirino made for Sister
Phillips. She came here for splits one day and went there and paid
him to make it for her. It turned out awesome!! I am still deciding
what I want him to do for me.

The spiderman he made!

The cake she showed us how to make and decorate. We celebrated PDAY! hahaha!

Esfihas we made the other day with a member who taught us!!
Delicious!! I know how now! its a very popular party food here!!

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  1. The esfihas look delicious! Make sure you don't forget how to make them before you come home. You can put me down for a dozen. :)

    Take care of yourself! Lots of love!